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  • It's already late for me where I'm at. As a matter of fact, I'm logging out now. See ya puxal.
    You can take your time. Some people have been on here for years and have made around 12000 or so posts.
    You level up with the more posts you have. I think I'm a dual wielder and your at the heartless stage. You don't get any special rights until you make around a thousand posts.
    Some of them are almost spammers themselves. Those ones are actually pretty fun to post with.
    You'd be surprised over what they can nega rep you for. It all depends on thier mood I guess.
    Hahah. Pretty often, people you bump into or argue with will look at the stuff you say, to judge you I guess. Also, some mods would've read the "they are on drugs" tid bit.
    You do realize just about anyone can read what you type on here? Including reno?
    When he doesn't mention Vearn, he can make some good points. I'm fine with it for now as long as he doesn't go editing my post to include it or something like that.
    You only report someone when it's vulgar, or just far too stupid. He's right now dancing on that line by staying on topic while spurting out "vearn". The day he just says "Vearn is ____" non-stop is the day he gets reported.
    Meh, I'm just going to leave it. It's slightly entertaining, but that's balanced out with my anti-idiocy policy. If he keeps putting up tags though, I'm going to report it.
    RelixBBS has already fallen victim. Why they haven't been flagged for spam, I have no clue... Unless the mods are in on it too. O.O

    Everytime somebody starts a thread to ask what/who he/she/it is, a mod shuts it down.
    Vearn seems to have spread. Like a virus... I wonder who started it. I'm guessing it was renoaxel.
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