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  • It's goin' alright, and thanks.
    By the way...
    Congratulations! You are the first ever person to refer to it as KHIO!
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    I don't really think that's likely though, she's was flirting with me like crazy before I asked her. She gave me all kinds of hints and I'm a pretty cautious person, I wouldn't make a move unless it was obvious that it was the right choice.
    I don't think so, someone with that type of prejudice wouldn't just change so suddenly.

    The reason I think he's not is because she says he dislikes interracial dating, but yet he didn't even mind me asking her to the prom. In fact I haven't even had to talk to him about it.

    Also he was cracking jokes with me and my mom during senior recognition.
    Yep but for some reason I'm having a hard time believing he's as prejudice as she says...

    haha if only we had somewhere to go
    No it's not growing up that's the issue, it's her dad. If were to get marry that would be an insult to him really and I couldn't imagine how the kids would be treated. Just a lot of stuff comes into play that I think outweighs the benefits of us being together.
    haha I think we've been going out for a long time now, just couldn't really admit it. But we really should just settle for a friendship, being this attached is only going to hurt us in the future. We'll never really be together so it's best to start accepting that.

    Yeah I've been thinking about it, only thing is I'm afraid it'll turn into a huge argument and that we'll stop talking. And if we stopped talking that would be bad because I'm suppose to take her to the prom thing and that would be really awkward.
    Yeah that's what I'm praying

    Yeah but her lying has pretty much hurt me. And there's the fact that whenever I feel down about something she doesn't want to talk with me about, she just ignores me until I feel 'better' (I totally sound like a woman right now lol)
    I don't know she has a reputation of lying to me

    Hopefully she is trying to get over this
    yeah she's ok now ;D

    but something worries me, she seemed to get over this traumatizing even very quickly. I mean from what I heard rape victims are scarred for a long time but she doesn't seem to be like that.

    Makes me think really, if she was willing to lie to both her mom and me (after I asked her to be my valentine and go out with me) then how far was she willing to go with this guy before she said no.
    Well tbh I don't know anyway to downgrade from 6.20. I don't know if that's even possible.

    Sorry. :(
    that's a pretty chill anime :3 i didn't get into it much...or at all xD but i hear good things about it
    lol... not anymore man where do u live? maybe different time zones are messing things up
    dangit!! as soon as u get on i gotta leave!!!!!!! i havent talked 2 u since.... black friday! well get on soon i gtg!! bye have a good day!
    yea im pretty happy lately and yea my classes are almost over i cant wait for a month off college
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