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  • Only for 2 hours lol.
    Yeah, im about to hit the hay pretty soon. I'm pretty beat lol.

    It was raining pretty bad here this morning, stopped arounf 4pm completely... its been under 50 degrees since. I hate cold days too.

    I feel you, that's exactly how my thursdays are... instead of going to the skate park, i go to the mall and find whats new lol.

    I used to skate back when I was 14-16 yrs old. I was pretty good at it considering I was a chick lol. I had to stop cause i ended up screwing up my ankle pretty bad. Talk about a grind done wrong up on a ramp. I was in the middle of seeing how far i could go across, and then out of nowhere i all of the sudden loose all focus and balance. I ended up falling off the ramp with my board landing on top of my ankle. I hurt myself pretty bad, hadn't really been able to have the courage to really go back on a board since. :/

    for how long you've been skating?
    Oh, I'll be the judge of that later lol.

    Well let's see:
    Was at work from 6am-12:30 pm, after that went straight to my best friends house. Pretty much kicked it there the whole day with a couple of other friends, playing guitar queer-o and ddr. made a little jerking contest, that was pretty fun. then later at night, we decided to have a grill out in her backyard. at 8pm.... while freezing cold after it just got done raining.. but hey that bbq chicken came out bomb lol... had a couple of drinks, and now i just got home as of 10 minutes ago..

    I had a very fun day :)

    and yourself, what did you do?
    Phone. Hah.

    I just would like to hear you sing, that's it. but its up to you if you want to keep the conversation going lol.
    haha, i dont think so. but still thanks. :)

    omg. i dont know how you do it. its 4am and im tired as fck.

    catch ya later. night. ;)
    you should have thought twice lol.

    i work at a jack in the box lol.
    you have a job?

    im telling lol.

    awww, you're not the only one to tell me that. just like everyone else i started as your typical KHI nerd. but over the years, i've progressed and look like what i look like today.

    But thank you.

    You're just too cute in general lol.

    D: NO! I have a bberry curve. Shame on you! lol.

    I just found out the smartest thing ever. I figured out how to use my curve as a modem for my laptop. and im browsing the internet right now in my laptop, but from connection from my curve.
    it goes pretty fast.

    be gay and work. :/
    funny how i have mon-thur off but i work fri-sun it sucks.

    ohhh, stop ditching! lol
    sort of but not really.
    my momma lives with me but shes hardly ever home. :/

    ohhh cool. which one and what happened to it?

    oh and i lied, i bought me a new laptop today. :]
    do you have skype orwebcam through msn?

    ehh, your welcome :). but i think it has to do more with the fact i dont actually talk to that many people here lol.

    so whats planning for the weekend?
    The argument and attitude shown to Ulti in the Shamu thread is something that I don't want to see repeated.
    Pfff! Not EVEN.
    I have a 50" HDTV with no cable.
    And I don't even have a computer lol.
    I'm half rich. I live in a 1bd apt in the suburbs. lma0.

    I use my handy dandy blackberry for internet use and everything else. :)

    :] that's always nice.

    awww. thnks, I'm honored. :)
    I love talking to people and getting to know them. But not a whole lot can keep a conversation going. I'd say out the 4yrs I've been here, you're one of the few. :D
    Well yeah, its nice to just step it down a notch and go back to the classics. I love dancing to Sinatra... Or even tango. You know? Something that involves getting close. :)

    That sucks. :/
    Do you got a phone? Youtube it there lol.

    Oh, so you're Matthew Richards?
    Hi nice to meet you!
    I'm Nelly Alvarez, btw. :)
    Oh, someones a been a little bad recently lol.

    Youtube it cuhh.

    Hardly lol. But my best friend is a pro at it.

    I just uhhh.... "Freestyle" to whatever I listen to hah. But I'm not a bad dancer either, so its all good. :)
    I meant got away before they did anything. But I see what happened now. Hahaha, they were prolly all surprised at ur guys' reaction. White boys swinging at a black man... Upset or not, atleast the cops prevented any further trouble. :)

    You know how to jerk?
    Did you two got away? Or kicked their asses? xD

    Yes boring days really do suck lol.
    What you do like dance to?
    You took down two black guys?
    How did that work? lol.

    Have you watched Vday yet? She looks good in that movie. But jessica biel in that movie, she's a total babe lol.

    That's cool. Ehhh, NOTHING!
    I hate thursdays. I'm stuck home on thursdays. My friends have extended school hours until 530pm and afterwards they got church until 9pm. And all the others have work.

    On thursdays I just lazy around the house. Cook, clean, online, text for most of the day, dance when I'm bored lol.
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