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  • Which music are you talking about? Is there a scene with that music?
    Yeah, probably. I think so. XD
    Oh I see. Yes, it does. Plus I think he's one of my favorite princes in the Disney films. XDDDD
    True true. I like that they look colorful though and it's fun....
    Why not? >:v

    Geez what's with all the questions i don't ask you about your avatar showing off his body like that >:v
    Yeah definitely and true, I was wondering why they didn't put the two other kids? I like that Slighly's there too. :3 XD

    Oh so it doesn't add to the storyline then or what? I'm still confused. Ooh yes, Prince Phillip! :D I can't wait to fight with him, he looks interesting!

    And gah, I wanna go to Deep Space so bad now that I've seen Stitch (from spoiling myself). XD What do you think about the command boards?
    I really wanted them to go around London at one point..just to fly y'know? XD But yeah.....the ship got boring. :/ I was like, "Can we please move onto something else?" Thank goodness, they did.

    What do you mean by "how not involved" and yes, it's definitely cute. :3 So why are you looking forward to Enchanted Dominion?
    I admit I wasn't fan of the ship. I loved the Clocktower though and thus very true. So yeah, I'm happy the island is available as well. ^_^

    Thanks! Oh I know what you mean, it's just seeing a castle at nighttime and hearing Bibiddi-Bobbidi-Boo as field/background music gives me a HUGE sense of nostalgia thus I love it so much!
    Freakin' island? XD Lol it's NEVERLAND. OWO
    Gahhhhhhhhh that's really hard. I had top 5 being:

    1. Castle of Dreams
    2. Dwarf Woodlands
    3. Disney Town
    4. Neverland
    5. A tie between Deep Space and Olympus Coliseum

    If I had to pick my top choices, I guess I'll go with Castle of Dreams or Neverland but I can't just pick one! That's impossible, y'know?
    Any reason in particular. Ooh yeah, alot of people seem interested in that world.
    I'm really looking forward to Castle of Dreams, Olympus Coliseum, Neverland, Disneytown, and Deep Space and DEFINATELY Dwarf Woodlands, I loved Snow White as a kid! XD
    True I did hear Nomura had suggested the gameplay that way. Do you have world your looking forward to?
    Oh I know right? I would be the same but meh, I barely have friends here. Just people I see and know as classmates y'know? But that's good that you're meeting people who have similiar tastes like you. :)
    But if you did play, are you going to play as Terra or Aqua first?
    Oh I see. That's interesting. XD
    Obviously it's showing how today's society and pop culture are poisoning the youth of our nation.

    That's cool, I always look forward to that series going on. Very well thought out idea ^^;;

    In other news, how have you been?
    Oh I see and same reason, I'm more likely to get good grades and then hopefully I can get it and that's right, your birthday's then! XD
    Oooh I see. It feels like he's from Ace Attorney or something, I kind of recognize the pic from somewhere but no idea where.
    Tee-hee, writing is fun.
    Dude are you going to get BBS when it comes out?
    Also: who's that in your avy? XD
    Kewlios. :3 I might check it out tomorrow, let me know if it's any good. lol
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