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Recent content by Zeke

  1. Z

    KINGDOM HEARTS FOR PSP!!!! (Heard on G4)

    Yeah I just want to yell that out to the world but it is not yet offical! If this is true then I am very happy that I may be able to get a Kingdom Hearts game that is protable... (not including KH:CoM!)
  2. Z

    KH3 Storyline??? (no idea if this is a spoiler?)

    this is the kh3 storyline i found this info out. Years before Sora's adventure, there was a great war. In a place between worlds, there were those known as "Chasers", those who had manifested great power and chanelled it through weapons they experly crafted known as the Keyblades. There were...
  3. Z

    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    someone in my class says they finshed the game maxed out but I highly dought it. but I know what there is to know in the game but still play it cause it's a good game. but it's just me cause I still play both games. :P -Zeke
  4. Z

    i just found out that *spoiler*!!

    just an Idea but what if his name didn't change?
  5. Z

    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    Yo it's never to old for this game, gettin mine today and I can't wait! Zeke 18 years old High school student!and for people that don't have it yet just look a lil harder and ur work will be rewarded!
  6. Z

    KH2 Release Date Discussion Thread

    Two Days Left People!
  7. Z

    the kh2 commercial is at kh-2.net!

    Re: KH2 comercial. u want to see it, go to youtube.com and look for Kingdom hearts 2 gs trialer there ya go! but really dudes it comes in like tuseday and sunday for a lucky few :P(me being one) solets get this game started and lets see who finishes this game frist, no SG! a ture player plays...
  8. Z


    this is a weird big robot fighting movie and I think it's a seris! "In a wonderland, they lay, dreaming, as the days go by, dreaming, as the summers die, ever drifting down the stream lingering, in the golden glem, Life. what is it? but a dream!" this is a quote form alice in wonderland, whith...
  9. Z

    own Keyblades?

    Dose anyone on this site own a keyblade? if so which one (Heart unlocker, Kingdom key, Oblivion?)
  10. Z

    Release Date?!?

    I would have to agree with the girl above my post! I think u should stop with the KH2 for a long while, like until it comes out for reals!
  11. Z

    Feild of Keys

    Well only gonna have this one for now and if it dosen't fly then another will be made............ Well as the title says it's a feild of Keys and u can choose one (or two) this is how it gose: Sign up frist and u will get the info later Name: Sex: Keyblade: Appaerance: Age: Past: (u can put...
  12. Z

    Keyblades in Secret Ending + Fenrir o.o

    just want to say it's from the world "Land of Dragons" Mulan's world
  13. Z

    Your KH2 Import Impressions

    It's a lil thing called "LIVIN IN JAPAN!" or they are Japanese and they moved here and have Japanese Systems and just imported it!
  14. Z

    Roxas: In or not?

    Lets see, RIku is cooler then both of them! LMAO I is cool cause he the Old dude! and Roxas is just awsome for having two Keyblades!
  15. Z

    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: KH2 Ending Discussion Thread ***Major Spoilers*** thats not riku, the three of them are keyblade warriors even though it could be Sora, Riku and Rock-sa-su (BHK japanese name) then who is the one walking with a keyblade, right before it ends? -Zeke