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  • I just love it when I generate laughs and I am not even trying to radiate humor... *sigh* Moments like these make me think Life is a theater of ironies... Anyways, how's life been treating you as of late?
    so now, not only can the show make me cry but the game can as well. SADDEST TRAILER EVER, WHERE IS CLEMENTINE? WHY DID THEY NAME THEIR DAUGHTER CLEMENTINE? i thought it was a dog for a while. xD
    It creeps me out...
    Mostly because of the robot, and the fact that the human is perfectly fine with a robot behind it.
    We're back now ;A;

    but netsplit and ;~; There's like 5 people across all our chats.
    Seduce? That doesn't work on me either though. ;o Now food on the other hand ... jk.

    Yeah, age is more a question of attitude nowadays when in a university, classes aren't based on age. But somehow I have a lot of pressure because of that as I'm aware that 3/4 and more has more experience about stuff than I do so while working in a project, I definitely see my age as a disadvantage. o^o And I'm afraid that I'm not mentally mature enough but ... I guess I'm worrying for no reason. lol, I remember hating everyone, especially guys in junior high because they were such kids and I wanted to study. :'D And then teachers yelled at the whole class because the guys were acting immature and I was always frustrated.
    Well, it certainly is true that some people just have "eye" for drawing and they don't need to do much to be amazing at drawing. Some people will NEVER get as good as someone who is naturally talented even though they wasted their whole lives doing and trying. But natural talents study as well. I think it's taking the talent for granted if you don't. I mean, we can argue that Da Vinci for example was most likely a natural talent but I'm pretty sure he still studied. o~o And I know a guy who has an absolute pitch but he still studies music. But what I mean by studying is that I quite recently understood that I need to use references, study techniques and such. o.o; I feel so dumb for realizing it now when I even went to an art school and all. I always took my ability to draw granted and thus never really studied and practiced.

    `3` It's not narcissistic to say that. You feel paranoid because you think it like that, lol. Haha, so you like to debate, I see. Well, intelligence is intimidating, especially for dumb and simple people. `3? Yeah. I try to do as well but I'm very shy and sensitive about stating my opinions in a class so I mostly just do conversations with my friends. You're not uninteresting. ;_; Yes~ yes~ ;-; Aww. ;w;

    Definitely not. I was slightly disappointed to be honest. Even if you do all the stuff, you can finish it in under 60h or so. I don't think they're all flashbacks like when she turns into a crystal but pretty much all after that until the ending. Deus Ex, yeah. I don't want to leave it hanging and I really like the game. But Barrett is just. ?3? Annoying mutha<small>kupo!</small>a. Haha, Dark Souls. I'm pretty terrified of even trying it. ?3? Ridiculous, it's just a game. :DDD ~

    Yeah, sure. c: ~ There are only like four or five episodes left. ;O; I DON'T WANT IT TO END. *sobbbb* Oh, I see. o3o I haven't heard of it before you see but well, I haven't even watched the original NGE although I have intentions to watch it. I not busy, I lazy. o3o Though yeah, I was fairly busy this week, lol but I watched it on Sunday I think. It was so beautiful in HD. ;_; Chills. Chills and cries everywhere while watching it, haha.
    Slash (feat. Myles Kennedy) - Rocket Queen - Made In Stoke - YouTube
    Basically, it's the solo band for the ex-Guns 'N Roses guitarist Slash. c: And they're better than the real GnR is today. c:

    Ooh~ x3 I'll do that soon then!
    Still recuperating a bit from surgery that I had on Valentine's Day. xD But on the whole, doing alright. Rocking out to the new single from Slash ft. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators. Fucking awesome hard rock stuff. x3 Can't wait for their album in May~

    Ooh, nice! :D I might check that out then! ^_^
    I was shocked to find out that we're not friends here. o_o We must correct that! x3

    How's life? o3o
    What bothers me the most is when I'm going for a trip. "Okay, let's hope that everything is alright and I still have an apartment to come back to." Though I don't really get what could happen, haha. *u*~ That's a good mentality.

    Haha. No you can't. I wouldn't even if you threatened me with a chainsaw.

    We'll never be sure about everything. My mom still doesn't know what she would like to do. I'm not sure either, I just made a decision and stuck with it. Life in general is just a huge uncertainty. o~o Nothing is as certain as uncertainty. Pessimistic? Haha, I see it more like being a realist but ... I guess it depends on a point of view, like, if you think that a glass is half full or half empty. c; I didn't go through anything, haha, my childhood has been as normal as anyone's but I was always "the weird kid" so I don't know. Never really enjoyed the company of my age-peers before high school but rather hanged out with older. To this day, I don't really have friends that are younger than me. ?_? Almost everyone is at least a couple of months older, so I don't know. *shrug* I matured mentally early? Not saying I was fully mature at the age of 7 though lol but. I've always understood "the importance" of school since I've been in school. I don't know, as I said, being independent is something that you don't really notice. You notice it when you have to be, then you find out if you either are or are not. Besides, I still think you already are, no matter what you say: I'm sure you're making your own decisions and are not really following anyone else. Like, picking up that art as your major, it was your decision after all.
    Well, yeah but... but... ;_; Yeah, I'm way too critical when it comes to myself. Yeah. Motivation and self-confidence were the things that I lacked as well. And I seriously realized quite recently, that you actually have to study drawing. It doesn't come naturally.

    I LOVE THAT SERIES. That was my favorite thing when I was something around 11 or 12. lol, I always was in a huge hurry to get home from school so I could catch the episode. Oh, those times. ;_; I've kind of been hopeful that they'd show it as a re-run but no luck. ._.
    >:c ~ That guy wants to talk to you. Period. End of the story. Oh, I can certainly see why people don't like me, haha. Yesss, that indeed. So they like you. *u*~ T_T Ha ha. I mean, that you're likeable. ;w;<3 Haha, I start to feel special when you say that you don't care for most people. Haha, me neither. o3o It's okay though. But it's kind of funny how I met one of my best friends. I mean, when we were in the 7th grade, she was such a bitch towards me, I disliked her with passion and she seemed kind of an air-head: a person not to waste my time on that is. But then, in the 8th grade, she had changed entirely and she suddenly started to hang out with me. o3o And we became friends. That was like ... one of the most unlikeliest thing to happen at that time, lol.

    Mm, it was good, though surprisingly easy (easier than FFXIII for me to be honest :d) and short. Took me under 30 hours. o_o And I did quite a lot of unintentional grinding because I tried to acquire certain monsters, so I could have finished it roughly in about 20 hours. But yeah, I actually liked it quite a lot. The plot was pretty meh but I liked the characters. Noel was awesome, like I presumed, I started to like Serah (though she wasn't unbearable in FFXIII, I was just a bit indifferent) and uh ... `3? I liked the monsters. It was pretty awesome to have a behemoth or a chocobo fight for you. And it was, in any case better than FFXIII. I'm thinking about collecting some fragments and getting other endings now but meh, not too excited about that yet so I might pick up dat Dark Souls next or continue DX. u3u

    It's alright~ *v* Just asking~ Not like forcing you or hurrying up or anything, lol. Ah, I see. It has something to do with NGE, I suppose? Makes sense to watch them though, now that you have your PS3 again~ n_n My PS3 is the only Blu-ray player I've got as well. I was meant to watch The Lion King now that I got it on Blu-ray but meh, idk why I've been so lazy. ;_;

    ... I write way too long messages. ._.
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