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  • Wow I feel stupid, I posted a response to you over 2 weeks ago on MY VISITOR MESSAGES and today I was like "I wonder why Zephyr has responded?" DERP!

    lol Yeah It's been awhile and I can't be on everyday, but when I can I make sure to do it :) I'm glad you got to Amiami, Roxas sold out first, and now Sora is gone as well so I'm just gonna get it from SENA, despite the fact that they are charging $80-90 EACH! Last time I wait to preorder on Amiami :p

    I'm jealous that you're going to the 2.5 event. I'm curious what the "free swag" will be and I'm sure I'm gonna need someone's help lol Depending on what it is ;)
    1 more thing! Sorry for the long message LOL I can talk for days about KH merchandise...it's my thing :D
    Hey Zephyr,

    First more important question: HOW HAVE YOU BEEN!?!?!?
    Second: I haven't been on KHi in forever (over a month now, that's forever in KHi time lol) cause I've been swamped with games and my final college year which just started. I'm sure I'm way too late at this point and you've already decided on pre-ordering the Roxas figure but Amiami is, in my opinion, the top Japanese importing site (at least for the US).

    They are fast, they package extremely well (this is one of the most important things, I'd rather pay an extra $20 to ensure my figure is in perfect condition cause international things can't just be "returned" so easily), and they are efficient. The PAK figures are all different heights to coincide with the characters that they are of (it's the little details that count) and the DDD ones are around 7-7.5 inches tall. Now I'm not sure if the KH2 ones will be taller or not since it was never confirmed on if when Sora and Riku were sent into the dream world in DDD if they changed heights as well LOL Something tells me the KH2 PAK figures will be a little taller though :)

    Lastly, it's important to note that the Sora and Roxas PAK figures will be released in the US because at New York Comic con they had a "December 2014" tag on the figures which generally means the figures will come out in the US December 2014. If you already ordered it Amiami should be fine (but they are sold out I saw) but if not, SENA's site should be fine ^_^
    Apparently it was indeed Yoko Shimomura who did that Magicant arrangement. Good ear there I guess haha
    Something weird has happened with Mibbet, I can't get on, so I don't know if you got my message. Nice job with the translation, I really hope I can someday get to your level :3
    This is horribly late, but I should answer regardless... ^^;; I been great! Thanks for asking. How have you been? It's been awhile! :eek:
    Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot to tell you that I've had it taken care of. Just focus on whatever it is that you need to do, and thanks. :)
    Hey Zephyr, how do you do? Could you help me with translating something from Japanese to English? It's from a video, and my Japanese listening skill is waaaay behind my reading skills.
    You're welcome. C; *hugs you* I hope you had fun today, and I look forward to any details you share about it.
    Happy birthday Soso! It's still the 24th where you are, right? I know I've said it via the Congrats! function, but it just doesn't feel complete. After all, what's better than a traditional, personal "happy birthday" message?:D
    I didn't even know it was your birthday!!!! BUT somebody's visitor message gave it away ;) So on that note:

    Thanks :) I did it myself the day i finally got the 2 newest Play Arts. It's not great and I plan on re-doing it soon when I have time to do it better, I just couldn't wait :p
    i'm doing alright. going through some stuff irl, but i'm sure i'll pop out the other end just fine.

    keep me posted on your acceptance!!
    hey, sorry i didn't respond before you left the irc chat, but i just wanted to say that i'm sure you'll get in! my close friend recently went through the same exact process with csulb so i know just how stressful it can be, but hang in there!
    Ah, I see. But that's okay, I've asked my friend to help me and it's all good now. Don't worry about it. :)
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