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  • I should have WiFi access this evening between 5 and 9 (gonna be at a friend's house for the Super Bowl). Think you could try sending me that Chikorita with Pokerus then?
    Yeah I live closer to the East coast, in Ontario. XD
    Soo, I'm 3 hours ahead of you. :p
    This is my friend code for SS: 2537-1572-4012

    I already added you. :D Man, you know I've never completed a Pokedex with the exception of like Pokemon Yellow/Blue; my Diamond version is the closest I've come since.

    Is there any specific times you'd be on?
    Whaaat, you're so nice. I left my DS at my friend's house, I'm getting it tonight though so I'll add you later :D
    When I plug the USB into my laptop, my laptop recognizes that it's plugged in. But when I try to upload the necessary software/drivers to it, my laptop tells me to plug it in, no longer recognizing that it is already. I'm gonna try calling Nintendo tomorrow afternoon and see what they say. =/

    With any luck, I can be trading by tomorrow evening though.
    Not in the spot anymore =/
    I'll try later though, we're just gonna have to get lucky at a time we're both on lol
    I'm gonna be on a strong wifi connection until sometime tomorrow morning. As soon as you can, I'd like to get that Chikorita with Pokerus. Just let me know when you're on, I'm gonna check my page once an hour or so. Please and thank you =)
    It's alright. But yeah, I love that shiny~ Provided Pokemon Online does it, I'll be doing my Leader battles as Doubles instead of Singles.
    Yeah, I think I won that from a contest on a Pokemon forum, if I remember right.

    Also, just out of secrecy, could you not say the names :v
    Damn good battle there. That strategy on your second Pokemon, funnily enough, is what I was considering using with my own on my Leader team.
    Yeah, I don't leave until the 15th myself. But thanks, appreciate it. Hopefully it works at this next place.
    Is there anyway you can get on tomorrow around 9 or so? I'll be somewhere with a better wi-fi connection then.
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