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  • Yeah, for now. Now I wanna try with someone else to see what's going on. By the way, do you have a Chikorita?
    haha zeph I get what your talking about, I noticed when my Amprahoas defeated a crobat and grew a level he got +3 for speed which is funny, because most of the time he only gets plus +1
    alright man you want to battle me? now my final team isn't finished yet, so I'll be using my beta team for right now ok?
    haha yeah man, you seem like a pretty cool guy to talk too, want to be buddies? Maybe sometime we can battle or something
    Well the reason why I said that is because I'm sure they are already working on remakes for ruby and sapphire. Thats what they did with Platnium they had mostly 2nd gen pokemon in it, and they hinted at the next game they were going to work on.
    O_O WHAT!?!?! thats so gay, but I guess it can't be helped. I have feeling if they made pokemon gray it will have 3rd gen pokemon in it or something lol.
    Oh wait I just checked online, and it looks like we get a lucky egg about half way threw the game, Professor Araigi will give us one
    Idk he said pretty early in the game. Are you serious? that we can't transfer items over? why not?
    I heard someone said that you get a lucky egg right away, which gives you a boost of exp which is pretty cool.
    all-right man thats cool, so I got to thinking to why I might like 5th gen the best. Because well it seems like theres alot of rare pokemon in the beginning, where the other games you can't catch rare pokemon until later.
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