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  • Definitely X. I don't like the way Yveltal looks and Xerneas is awesome. It seems like X will be much more popular but people here on KHi seem to gravitate towards Y more haha I guess that's a good thing, Y needs some love after all :)
    I honestly like the idea and personally, the idea of having Mawile being Dark and Fairy (like an Evil Pixie) plus making her more viable is tantalizing (I've always LOVED Mawile's appearance) but I agree, if it ends up being just rumor, I won't be crying either haha xD

    People love to make rumors for any game, IDK why. Perhaps just to see how many people they can fool? Like ultimate trolling? When it comes to really popular games ESPECIALLY like Pokemon, rumors run wild ^_^
    Honestly, I'm originally opposed to a Fairy type as well considering I feel like it is way too late in the series to completely change the game and add in a whole new type but if it turns out to be true, I'll just except it. No competitive game is ever perfectly balanced so no matter what changes go into Pokemon, they really can't make it an even playing field among all types. I think introducing new ones just makes it hectic, like it probably will if Fairy type is introduced...
    Considering Dunsparce is a Land Serpent Pokemon, I can see him evolving into something involving Grass/Flying/Normal/Bug, but not necessarily Fairy type. If they introduce the Fairy type and the rumor ends up being true, I'd hope they make A TON of Pokemon Fairy type since we don't even know if it really works in the end or if it'll be broken. Plus, I'd love to see what they come up with that is supposed to be Fairy from the start than be forced into a change. If it is made with the Fairy type in mind, it'll probably have the appearance of a Fairy more.
    The only time I've ever seen Spinda even implemented in a semi-usable way is in a Double Battle with Slaking. She uses skill swap making him impermeable to being confused and stop slacking and then every other turn she spams Teeter Dance to confuse everyone...

    However, I'd say that overall, Spinda doesn't get the worst rep of all the Pokemon, look at Dunsparce...poor Dunsparce.

    And I'm also excited to see what other new Pokemon will be revealed, I really can't even begin to imagine what they might come up with considering they've done so much already. I know I'm going with Fennekin and if they're Fire/Psychic and Yancham is Fighting (hope Spinda is in it for Normal) then I still want a really awesome Water pokemon...someone has to use Surf.
    I did see the new additions to Pokemon and while it's nothing groundbreaking, I do expect a Spinda and a Yamchan on my team @_@ At this rate, as long as they keep the format the same, the game cannot be a bad game. If anything, it'll be a plain story with beautiful visuals (Pokemon in 3D??? Yeah, I'm set...). I cannot wait to see what other Pokemon they plan on adding, all I know is I really hope they don't go legendary crazy like with past generations, they really need to stop >_<

    Is there any specific kind of Pokemon you want to see? Type-wise or animal-based wise? Even if it's an animal that has been made in the past, like the panda. I'm not going to lie, I thought Spinda was a disappointment for a panda Pokemon, so I'm really crossing my fingers on Yamchan. His evolution doesn't have to look vicious, but I hope it actually looks like a panda. Spinda reminded me of a cookie haha xD
    While I prefer DLC to not be so meaningful to the point where it is necessary to understand the story, I don't like it either if it literally doesn't do anything for the game either unless the costume is ridiculously awesome. I love optional bosses like in FFXIII-2 and new weapons because after beating the bosses, you had the chance to get them as partners which added stuff to the overall game. Similar to that, in KH they could do something where after you beat the boss, you can a keyblade or accessory that would really help you on your journey. Something like that I think is worth purchasing since the boss might be fun AND it adds stuff to the game, but I'm with you, I'd much rather see DLC be pointless and not add anything then be really meaningful and necessary to buy.
    I'd like to see the Beta Sora as a costume, but I don't think it'll be done. Disney was opposed to it originally, they'll probably be opposed to it again nowadays though it'd be cool if they somehow alluded to it in game (a picture on a wall or something small). Overall, I'm not a fan of costumes as DLC since they add nothing to the game, but I know it's gonna happen and I do plan on buying all possible KH3 DLC haha I want a complete game, even if I don't use the costumes much ^_^
    I definitely expect costumes as DLC for KH3 so I wouldn't be shocked if you can actually unlock those outfits in game. I'd also love to see Sora's potential DLC outfits. Obviously ones based on his past costumes would be cool, but I want SE to get really creative with it ;)

    Good luck with your manga, if you are allowed to, I'd love to see it's progression as you make it ^_^ If you don't want to let anything go before you're done, I understand that too. A whole year sounds QUITE a lot...but if you really like it, it probably shouldn't be a task since you'll enjoy every step of it ^_^
    Wow those drawings are cool. The Aqua one is VERY nice though (you had to know that I would specifically like that one haha) and I love the Donald one, he needs more time fighting in his original Mage outfit (maybe it's just me, but I always like his Court Wizard outfit more than the new one he normally wears). IDK why, but now I really want to see a photo of all the KH females fighting...kind of. Like Maleficent with the PoH sleeping behind her and then Aqua and Kairi facing her (Ariel and Mulan should somehow be incorporated as well) haha I really love your work. How long would a manga take though? Years, right? o_O
    lol I like to be creative but I am not a person to write stories, I wouldn't mind telling stories verbally, but not writing them down haha xD I am currently studying Japanese for my Final on Thursday so I'm at least getting in a good hour of studying each day >_< We JUST learned numbers in kanji and such so I'm probably WAY behind you, but I should get back on KHFM before Sept. 10 since I want to beat it before KH1.5 comes out ^_^ So excited!!!
    Thanks Zephyr! Not much has been happening as of late. Besides collecting Kingdom Hearts merchandise (which is my main collection obviously haha) I also started collecting Disney pins and it seems like Disney is trying to release one KH pin a year. I'm really hoping they make one this year and a bunch of people I know who trade pins want the Stained Glass Princess Platforms turned into official pins (I was shocked to discover that there are A LOT of KH fans in pin trading and those Hot Topic KH pins that came out awhile back are actually very hard to find. The Sora Donald Goofy one in the Chair from Hot Topic recently sold for $180 ALONE...holy crap O_O A pin...of Sora...went for $180...just for the pin. So fair warning, if you see any KH pins for a good price, BUY THEM haha xD).

    If they make any pins that have Aqua or Riku I'll make sure to let you know AFTER I buy them all!!!! haha jk But I definitely will make a thread about it, as I have for all the pins released so far ^_^

    What about you?
    I agree, the covers are really nice, especially of BbS, but perhaps I'm biased being that BbS is my favorite game and Aqua I think is the coolest looking character out of the main cast. Let me know what they say if they ever do, I hope they at least acknowledge them, or does Yen Press only make manga?
    Don't worry, they know you'll be giving them your money soon lol so I don't think they'd find you annoying. I mean, unless you've been pestering them with questions every hour for the past few days, then they might say something >_< I just want to see if maybe they will gauge the novels release based on how the mangas do. I really want the novels more than the mangas at this moment (because BbS novels exist but no mangas yet).
    I'm glad they responded as well. I'm curious how much positive reception they've gotten since they announced the KH manga. I hope a lot, would you consider asking them about the novels? I'd love to see if they respond to a question about translating those ^_^
    AHHHHH!!! THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!! That is a huge fear expunged from my mind ^_^ I am so glad that they will keep them in tact, previously I had never owned a Yen Press manga since none of their mangas were really interesting to me, but consider me a Yen Pess-fan now haha xD Come on release date! Get here already! Do you think they'll show previews of the books before they are released? Like scans for people to see? I would like them too but I don't need them too considering I'm going to be buying the books anyways and I assume you are too.
    Not only for KH though, just general Yen Press books. Do most Yen Press books (even if they aren't the same manga itself) have a similar style. Like how Tokypop, all the books had the same type of side binding and they had a similar format, does Yen Press do that as well?
    Does Barnes and Noble carry Yen Press manga? If so, I might take a ride down there and see how "beautiful" Yen Press likes to keep their manga. I do hope they keep the colored pages intact, they are much nicer than the black/white scans. I really can't wait to see the KH manga physically, before reading the book I'm gonna do a quick flip through to check the art haha xD
    Yeah, IDK why Tokyopop made them all black and white? Maybe it is just to be more similar to most US manga (do most JPN manga have colored pages like that? Maybe you don't know but in case you did, I figured why not ask xP). I really hope Yen Press keeps them colored. Why wouldn't they? And which pages are colored in the CoM manga? I want to see the black/white version in the US one since I at least have that one ^_^
    Okay, while I wasn't able to read through that first image and understand the page, I was able to say the speech bubbles a have the correct pronunciation. Translating it will be the next step ;)

    WOW!!!! I have never seen some of those pieces of art before (specifically the Xion/Kairi one and the Axel in the pool). They are so nice! Do all the books have that type of art, and especially since they are in color makes them so much nicer! When Yen Press brings them over, they really should keep those pieces of art in color!

    Is Days the only one with those kinds of art in the back?
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