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  • I do like SE's slip covers. I don't think everything needs one, but SE seems to really like to include slip covers on their mangas, artbooks, OSTs, and postcard books from what I have that has slip covers.

    As for the manga, YAY on getting 358/2 Days Vol. 2, one of the best cover arts because of the Moogle xP When you have time, please take scans of the pages, I'd really be interested in seeing them ^_^ just some of the pages...not all of them haha xD
    Hmmm...correct me if I'm wrong, but the slip cover is just the little piece that goes OVER the main cover? So for that slip cover you showed me, it would be JUST the pink part of Xion, not the Namine image above it, right? If so, are any of the other slip covers special like that?

    As for me, my favorites would be the 358/2 Days Vol. 2 cover (if they condense 358/2 Days into 3 mangas instead of 5, I really hope they end up using Xion's. It has a MOOGLE...SELLING ICE CREAM!!! My other favorite would be KH2 Vol. 2 or 4. I think Amano is really getting better at drawing the art for the covers xP
    Oh! I didn't read the KH1 manga in Japanese so I didn't know that it originally was supposed to be "leader" not to mention I don't actually know the kanji for leader yet so it probably wouldn't have helped had I looked at in in Japanese anyways xP

    And I'm kind of sad that they're condensing KH2 because at least with KH1 and CoM, we've already got all the different covers from when it was released by Tokyopop. With KH2 we've only gotten 2 of the 6 (and that is if the 6th is the last one in the KH2 line) so if they condense 2 mangas into one, we'll at least be losing out on seeing one of the cover arts (in English anyways). What's your favorite cover art out of them all so far? IDK mine, I'd have to think about it.
    lol You're probably right on the size. I just looked at how big the KH1 mangas were and they were on the small side. CoM and KH2 were normal but KH1 got the short-end of the stick so I can see them becoming 2 instead of 4. Do you know if they are planning on condensing CoM or KH2? I didn't think so but maybe there is something out there I don't know :)

    Also, they'll probably change things like that, I didn't really think it flowed badly the way Tokyopop wrote it but maybe I'm just bad at analyzing text (there is a reason why I'm not a English major haha).
    How would the translations really differ? I mean, I guess the words might be changed around but the general gist of what is being said is pretty much there and I quite liked how Tokyopop translated it. However, if they do change the words around it'll be a nice read considering I haven't read their take on it yet ;)

    So are they condensing the other books too into smaller volumes? I'm curious how thick the mangas will actually be once I see them.
    Are the Final Mix ones really all that different from the original ones? Because Tokyopop already did most of the work for Yen Press if you think about it in terms of KH1, CoM, and the first 2 KH2 books which they already have completely translated. Perhaps Yen Press is faster but I think time will tell once we get to the completely new, untranslated English books like Days and the final KH2 ones...

    And I don't think Amano will leave...I hope he doesn't >_< until at least the SoD Chronicles are done because then it'll feel like the manga isn't 100% complete.
    Ah, so that might be why they aren't translated into English yet, because if they're only the size of the manga in Japanese, they'll be about half the size in English so if Yen Press was going to translate them, I'm sure they'd condense some of them into 1 book to make it easier (which I wouldn't mind, I just want it to happen). Also, how long on average does it take for Nomura to release another manga? I can only imagine how long he would have to go since he's still on KH2 and BbS, Re:Coded, and DDD manga have yet to happen. By the time they're all released I think KH3 will be out and that DEFINITELY needs mangas, books, the works haha xD
    Is there any rumor on a BbS manga coming to fruition? Because I'd love to get my hands on that! Heck, the covers of the BbS novels alone makes me want to get them, they look awesome! However, have you ever read one of the translations of the novels online? Are they long? I know in the Japanese novels they are written from top to bottom so they fit a lot less sentences per page than an English novel would so it would be even thinner than the already thin novels. I was thinking perhaps that's why they don't bring them over, because they'd be like little pamphlets (well, obviously bigger than that lol but still small)?
    Do you have any idea when KH2 Volume 6 is coming out in Japan? And where in the KH2 storyline is that going to take place? I haven't kept up with where the Japanese manga is after it stopped being made in the US xP Oh, and I know that translations for the novels exist online (as translations of everything does) but do you think that the KH novels will be translated too >_< I really want them all to be translated because they have BbS novels but no BbS manga...and I LOVE BbS!!!
    Something probably tells me copying them and posting the entire book on the internet wouldn't be the best for SE so I doubt they'd want that to happen >_< Even if I still do have the best intentions and plan on buying the English versions, many people would choose not to. If you wouldn't mind taking photos though that would be really helpful ^_^ Why'd you choose to get the Days and CoM ones instead of others? Are those the best mangas so far in your opinion? For KH at least.
    It would make sense for the English ones to be the only ones up considering if you could understand Japanese, I think you'd have just bought the books but I really don't want to have to buy them. I wish there was some place by me that had the books and you could just sit down and read them there >_< I don't anywhere will have the Japanese manga though, why would they?

    In the meantime while I search for a torrent or something of it in Japanese, please take photos of the Japanese manga when you do receive them if you have time ^_^ If only there were an easy way to scan and upload the whole book haha
    Ohhhh! So she is quite fluent then, she just reads the interviews and pretty much knows what is being said as she reads it, no translating needed xD Oh how I one day want to get there. And yes! Reading it in Japanese will be leagues more beneficial, but I'd rather have them in English for collections sake. Hence why I'm curious if anyone online has scans of the manga that are still in Japanese. I can't remember if I asked you lol Did I? About manga scans that are still in Japanese.
    Out of curiosity, is Goldplanner fluent in Japanese? IDK why, I always assumed that one of the translators on KHi was fluent for some reason I can't identify haha and please take photos, I cannot wait to see them. But why order those manga, aren't they coming out by Yen Press by the end of the year? I guess it is probably smarter to read them in Japanese for the practice rather than English >_<

    hmmm...now I'm contemplating getting them in Japanese then from the Yen Press copies coming out this year.
    YES!!!! The style of speaking depending on who you are speaking too is so confusing >_< I can understand different sentence endings, but words changing and such just makes it so confusing! As for grammar, do you mind if I ask what about the grammar is difficult? The reason being so far I think the grammar, while bad, is perhaps the easiest part of Japanese but as it stands, I'm in the equivalent of a Basic Japanese II class so perhaps I have only scratched the surface of grammar, and I'm scared o_O
    Hmmm, I'll have to try that but most of the times I find it doesn't work so a Japanese translator would be best? Is that what you use for translating all the KH news stuff or are you just that advanced at Japanese that you can do it without even having to look up stuff (or you just need to look up very few things)?
    Keyhole lol? That's almost begging to be something KH related in my mind xD While I don't mind listening to the radio in the car, I feel like listening to it at home is odd to me haha I'd probably opt to have anime in the background or something. Do you have site that is particularly good for translating Japanese into English and vice versa? I find Google Translate often gets things wrong and takes the literal pronunciation of the English word into Japanese rather than give the word that means it in Japanese :(
    Do they stream the radio service from their computer or is there a way to actually have it in the car? I recently got a free trial of XM Radio and I was really hoping there was a Japanese channel but there wasn't :( I would love to be able to listen to Japanese on the radio while I'm driving, but in the meantime I'll have to deal with uploading stuff onto my Ipod and playing it through the speakers...
    The problem I always have is when the particles are included in a word, like the word "building" or たてもの I'm always like "wait, did I just hear a も and の? I then start to think it might be a particle rather than a word when it is spoken so fast. Sometimes you can hear spaces and that helps a lot. I doubt it, but do you use any sites to practice listening to Japanese or do you just stick to watching anime which is probably better since they aren't going to take pauses and actually speak like they do in Japan. If you do watch anime, is there any easier anime out there to understand, ones catered to early listeners of Japanese so that I won't have a barrage of Kanji I don't know flying at my face haha xD
    Yeah, without subtitles I would be lost forever since I can't look up the Kanji online and I can't see the parts I mistake as particles when they're actually words O_O So out of curiosity, when you listen to Japanese, can you know when there is a word you don't know and when you don't know it, can you know what it sounds like? Like if there was a sentence and only one word you didn't know was in it, would you understand the rest and be able to pinpoint the exact word you're having trouble with understanding?
    Wow Thank you so much for those links, I'm gonna use them when I first learn how to use them haha xD I clicked on the first Google Japanese link and I didn't understand exactly what it was saying. I picked up words here and there in Kanji but I didn't know most so I had to have Chrome translate it first before I could get the jist of what the site is about. The furigana of the KH manga definitely helps, do you know if there are scans online of the KH manga in Japanese and not translated. The only place that sells some of the manga by me is Kinokuniya Books but most of the time their merchandise is overpriced and they don't have them all >_< I figured I could start with the manga and work from there.

    As for listening to Japanese, I also watch the KH cutscenes, I've been slowly working through KH1FM and trying to pick up what is said in the cutscenes or at least pick up words here and there and then in the cutscenes with text and try to see how much I can understand from what appears on screen. Out of curiosity, how do you pick up the way to listen to Japanese. Whenever I try to listen to it it moves so fast that I can barely understand what is happening. I pick up particles like が or は but hearing the words is difficult and even when I'm listening to an audio recording, I find myself rewinding like 10 times and still not knowing what is being said complete @_@
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