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  • Well enough. Dar just dragged me back here a few weeks ago. A revamp three years in the making was released, so I came back.
    haha I see. In such a case as this there is nothing the bleach wiki can't tell you tbh. Google is nearly God these days, but if you really wanna get down I'm sure you remember I'm a guru mechanic like anime itself. I'm always able to help with templates.

    And yea, I'll hit you up real soon, shyt maybe later lol
    Mhmm, but like its been crazy for sure man'g...

    Ya know we started he fifth rp and all that but right now its kinda slow. Other than that we all had some slow times and the rp section has been in decline for awhile...however we are all doing our best to bring it back, hence the rps we join and turn out quick.

    A bleach rp is starting soon, maybe that's something you could possible be interested in. Who knows just what the future can bring.

    And I definitely still have your number and just like never called since I've been busier than hell, but its summer now, so I'll hit you up sometime.
    Word Sam.

    I miss you more than life ya know?? And of course rping with you was the shiz eh.

    As you see I finally got what i wanted on here. Coolio mod status...
    Merry Christmas you lovable little bastard! We miss you and hope your doing great in high school, hope today's been as great for you as it has been for me.
    we're streaming harry potter and the philosopher's stone live on our channel, so join us!

    khinsider - live streaming video powered by Livestream

    *birthdayrapes* ^^
    lol omg i know.
    Much has happened. I opened a new shop, got a second job, started a savings account, got into with my sis about how our mother's just...yeah. Needless to say we're taking care of my bros for teh weekend xD. (too much stuff for just one VM to handle)

    anyways whats up?
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