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  • Hizies!! ^___^

    I noticed your username and it reminded me of my best friend, whom also is a Zexion fangirl and refers to him as "Zexy"... xD
    Yeah... You are right :) It looks like you like Vexen huh? He is a good villain and a good challenge but, can i say... nerd type guy? ;P
    It will make someone think that im like these fans who overdoit with the thing i wrote :p
    Yeah, that's pretty much what I said. He doesn't know annoyance, because he possesses annoyance, and is therefore annoying to everyone else.
    No, their words were: "You see, I got irritated again. My uncle always play pranks on me. One prank is when I try open the door, he will hold the doorknob on the other side. I need to pull it harder just to open it! He is so annoying.

    Now what will I do! He annoys me."

    I hope I was the cause of his first irritation, I blocked him on MSN because he's an idiot.
    Family members holding doors closed as a harmless prank was the most recent one. And yes, on video game forums, I cover a wide range (Legend of Zelda and Kingdom Hearts).

    Ok, I just realised I only theorise about the only two video game series where confusing stuff isn't explained all that much. XD
    Theorise about other video games, and then tell people off for bitching about their pathetic problems which are neither relevant or actually problems.
    *looks at location* I'm apparently in England, so it's about 17:30. I'm going to raid the snack jar in a second.
    I've been on too many forums to be afraid of pain. I know how these places work, jump right in, tell everyone what's wrong with their theories, then go find something to eat. In that order. XD
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