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Recent content by ZinC Podzzz

  1. ZinC Podzzz

    Spoilers ► Post-MOM Theories

    I agree. Don't get me wrong, I love each of those characters. But I don't think there is much left we can do with them, at least at the character growth department. The only things I could see looked into is Lea and Isa with Subject X and Terra now looking after Aqua and Ven, but that's about it.
  2. ZinC Podzzz

    All confirmed musics so far

    Feel the same way about Under the Sea lol. Hopefully it's the KH1 version.
  3. ZinC Podzzz

    Remember Epic Mickey?

    That's pretty cool. Kind of a cheap way of including him, but a really cleaver way of doing it! I didn't even notice that it was any different. Also real quick, I forgot to mention the soundtrack. Oh. My. God. It's some good stuff!!!
  4. ZinC Podzzz

    Remember Epic Mickey?

    You guys remember Epic Mickey on the Wii? When I was little I was so hyped to get the game. I played the game and it was amazing. The story was great, the choices to either paint or use thinner on bosses was really interesting, and it brought back Oswald the Lucky Rabbit! It's unfortunate they...
  5. ZinC Podzzz

    KH Character Files: Short Stories - Xigbar, Marluxia, Larxene

    I'm hoping they'll have one on Demyx and Luxord have one, too. These are really good!
  6. ZinC Podzzz

    News ► Kingdom Hearts Dark Road details revealed

    Exactly! I mean, they're smart! Couldn't they have come up with something more interesting and simple? Maybe just new kinds of pure blood heartless or even a new enemy type. Maybe it could be a new thing, and by the end of it Xehanort defeats the source of it and that's why we wouldn't see them...
  7. ZinC Podzzz

    News ► Kingdom Hearts Dark Road details revealed

    Oh gosh this already seems like it will be confusing. How are there emblem heartless? Is it some weird "this is a copy of the original story but it's not exactly the same but still the same" like KHUx again? I feel like they could have come up with some more original worlds and heartless.
  8. ZinC Podzzz

    Confused about Re:Mind rating

    Aw that's disappointing. Oh well, maybe next time.
  9. ZinC Podzzz

    Confused about Re:Mind rating

    Yeah I had the same thought! Hopefully someone can answer, because I sure don't know.
  10. ZinC Podzzz

    What worlds do you NOT want to see in a future game? w/explination

    I would have never even considered that, and now that I have, that would be hilariously bad 😂
  11. ZinC Podzzz

    Next game in the series…

    Oh yeah that's true! I'd love to return to some of the really old worlds, and even as a different character! THINK OF THE NEW COSTUMES!!!
  12. ZinC Podzzz

    Classic elements you miss that were not in KH3

    I miss the one on one fights, like with humanoid characters. Big heartless are nice, but I miss fights like against Leon and Yuffie, Hades, or Clayton. The floating doll girl kind of reminded me of this, but the closest we had to it is the boss in the Caribbean. This felt like classic Kingdom...
  13. ZinC Podzzz

    What about Switch?

    We've seen Square Enix release mobile entries on Nintendo Switch, like FF15 Pocket Edition (and I suppose The World Ends With You.) What if they released Dark Road on Switch? We don't know much about gameplay, but this is just a thought after all.
  14. ZinC Podzzz

    A Couple of Questions From A New Player Looking to Start Final Mix 2

    For difficulty, I think that you should go with Standard Mode. Standard Mode is actually pretty challenging. But not difficult enough where you can't continue the game. Though I do think after you play Standard Mode, you should try either Proud or Critical Mode. Also, there are extra bosses...
  15. ZinC Podzzz

    Thoughts on How Disney Worlds Will Even Work (RE:MIND Spoilers Warning)

    That was amazing!!! I completely agree with all of the things you said. I'm actually excited for the game now! Though, I'm pretty sure it won't be that amazing :(