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  • *GASP*

    im a brown belt. Two more from black.

    and hm...its not that hard...

    and okie dokie. I needs to do stuff right now so ill see when i can.

    I can help with the bending description. Im in martial arts and i watched a lot of avatar back when it was on....I kinda get the bending origins and movements and such.
    You viewed one of my friends' page and I was curious to find out more about her viewers and so I found you! ^___^ At least, I THINK that that is how it happened... ^___^"

    Anyway, yeah! ^___^" Where are your fanfics located on your page? o_O"
    Awwwz... ^___^

    Well, I haven't sadly, but that's only because I didn't really know about them... and that was before you wanted me to read them as well... But I can read them if you want; I could provide you with some excellent feedback I'm sure and I would love to read your RikuxMai story/stories... ^___^

    Just tell me where they are posted please and I will gladly read them, okay? ^___^

    God bless! ^___^
    Hehe, sorry ppl's i've been busy lately and forgive me if i'm talking text. i've been texting so much i've grown to using it on the web. Also forgive me i haven't come up with any new stories, I'm working on some but they're quite difficult to work with and if I post them you'll see y, its another crossover.

    Just a head's up its a Avatar: Last airbender and KH fanfic, its very hard to write and I'm wtill working on it right now but its super hard because I'm trying to think of how to describ the bending while they're doing it, so that's why....... and just to let u knw Riku is the main character but he is NOT the avatar.

    So I hope you guys like the story..... if i post it here. I still gotta work on it a little bit more but i hope that when i do you'll like it ^^

    Oh, and I forgot to tell you guys, I have a new Bf he's a sweet heart and he cares for me a lot, and so far he doesn't like my ex based of the info I gave him and i don't blame him. hehe, well my bf is my new joy and he is encouraging and also my imspiration so I might come up with another romantic story ^^ idk if Riku will be in it so yeah.......

    well ppl that's my news for you just in case you thought i was dead. I'm not i'm still kicking.... sorta i haven't kicked anyone in a while so yeah well see ya!
    Ok... let me try this.... AWWWWW!!!!....nope.... But that's still cute! I'm happy for you two!
    Hi friendly tea fiend! Idk with the new nickname.... it was random.... LoL! How are you?
    Still not feeling better... oh well.... It's getting cold here to... on the day I was taking a iceskating test it was sleeting... NUUUU! LoL!.... What kind of tea is it!?
    I'm sick.... so even if i wanted to school work i still can't.... So how have you been?....
    Oh...That sucks... Oh yeah!... um.... I'm not one to ask for love advice... I've never had a bf.... My dad is a 6 foot tall scary looking Texan... who looks like a terrorist to.... so there is a 99.9% chance I'll never have one...
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