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  • ??? I saw that post day-before yesterday I think. If he did get deleted again, Lol.
    No link but I got the whole post Airship made in his thread. The guy was smart but just ended up getting on the bad side of the mods. For some reason I kept seeing him in threads now he doesn't seem to be anywhere.
    Haha. I was thinking that when I was typing. I felt sorry for rekurocks but with infamous I'm just sitting here going, " you stupid mf..." I keep on finding more and more reasons to dislike him.
    Maybe because he logs off before they can get to him? I've heard of this one guy, Airship, who has 6 or 7 different profiles and keeps getting banned for trying to revolt against the mods. Perhaps infamous is doing the same.
    Forwarding may have been better. I saw where you sent it and you forgot to say what thread those came from. Might be a good idea to edit.
    O.O <stares at posts for 3 min.>...If I could, I would make his computer blow up in his face. ooh, bad thoughts...
    That is either one messed up adult, or one angerchallenged teen. I suggest sending those along with when and where they were posted. And how everyone reacted too, that'll most definately cause a ban effect.
    To make it even better, I'm betting it would get a whole wave of people coming in. I think it would end up turning into a hate thread though{infamous_poo} and be shut down, but it'd be great while it lasted Lol.
    Then I'm happy those posts aren't there anymore. The last thing a thread needs is for an all out war to start on it.
    And if Infamous does get kicked off, I might just start a fanclub for the mod that did it.
    That one works and I saw what you just posted there. People like that don't deserve account rights. somebody should tell them that if you want to support something don't make yourself look like a retard doing it! I think the original post was removed by a mod since I don't see it.
    Welcome. And btw, which thread did he start ranting on? Your link isnt working.
    I think he spammed me with a vulgar picture on one of these threads but my parental blocker ,well, blocked it.
    A mod came along and removed it, so I know it was bad. Just ignore him and eventually he'll get banned. If you reply that'll give him what he wants, attention. Idiots like that are the reason KHI isn't fully credible anymore...
    We are well aware of Infamous_Poo's actions. No need to report him again, at least not now.
    Or any moderator with banning powers, really.
    Just say what the guy did, if it's big deal. Like I said, I wouldn't know.

    Provide a link maybe?


    Go to the report a member/topic thread.
    Just go to Silh now, or any banning-Mod.
    I don't have any experience with the guy, really.

    Go to the report a member/topic thread.
    i agree...he almost made me throw up....i would like to do it, but i dont want to do it alone. find others who feel the same way and tell me about it later
    Hello!!!!! You're my best friend!!!!
    2. Call me Drake or Tenya either's fine.
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