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  • I kid you not! That newby had managed to get on the wrong side of the forums in the course of 10 minutes. That was one of the most entertaining things I've seen yet on here.
    It was pretty sad. I didn't have to read the reviews to get the abbreviations though but that's just me, Lol. I haven't seen them post any more threads so maybe they learned something, Like not to insult the mods on your second thread. that made me laugh.
    LOL. I don't think that's who I was talking about. Thier name was RekuRocks I think and thier first thread was closed after one post by a mod. Basically asking about who MX was, I wouldn't have minded talking about that though. Right after thier first thread got closed, they put up another thread complaining about it and asking how to unclose it. It was stupid but I can't help but feel sorry for them. Heh heh.
    Yeah. This poor new Kid keeps on getting thier threads closed. I looked at one of them and They're asking alot of Obvious questions. *sigh* Good thing I was'nt like that.
    I'm trying to catch up on the threads I was in yesterday. It seems like they died down though. How have you been?
    Chello I added you. I think I've ran across you on a few threads not sure though.
    uh they are only top games on the system cause it lacks many good games. Otherwise i found both alittle overrated mainly SSBB
    Actually I have one here on this site, the link is in my sig and I have one from fanfiction.net

    Here's the link! http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1728466/

    IDK if you're a member or not but you can still leave a comment/review/reply if you like it or not. That site has all of my fanfics.
    Yeah, I write fanfic, but sadly all are about Riku right now (obviously I'm a fangirl) But soon I'll branch out and do fanfics about other characters. -^^-

    I asked because I am good at helping people out with stories. I love writting so I'm willing to help with anything, details, plots or anything -^^-
    Cool! So, dude you can call me Zip or Zippy or Z, my name is long so you can go with any of those and/or Sister because we're Christians -^^-
    Please don't spam a thread again. If you have a question for someone, direct it to them via their profile page.
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