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  1. AdrianXXII

    More Playable characters moving forward

    So ever since KH3's trailers have come out there seems to be an interest in playing as multiple characters. An interest Square Enix has seemingly picked up by adding more fights, in which you take control of characters other than Sora in Re:Mind. This desire seems even more obvious with all...
  2. AdrianXXII

    Disney Music picks

    So with the recent JPGames interview strongly indicating that there will be a few Disney songs not previously featured in the series. Assuming this statement is not just the result of a miscommunication. Which one's would you want to be included? My personal picks: Hero to Zero for Olympus A...
  3. AdrianXXII

    Dark Road ► What are you hoping to learn?

    So with Project Xehanort set approximately 75 years in the past, while Scala was still a home to Keyblade wielders, what are you hoping this title will reveal? Personally I'm hoping we'll learn how from a seemingly large Keyblade society only students of Eraqus, Xehanort and Yen Sid seem to be...
  4. AdrianXXII

    Spoilers ► How did TAV do that?

    So when I started up Limit Cut and saw Riku and Terra's little exchange I was rather entertained. I figured this was a little preamble before we'd see Riku, Aqua and Mickey entering the realm of darkness to search for Sora, only to be caught off guard with the wayfinders going there instead and...
  5. AdrianXXII

    What'll you do once the DLC and update drops?

    So ever since the last trailer for Re:Mind dropped I've been mulling over what to do once the Update and DLC drops in 3 weeks. I wasn't expecting there to be a story update in the base game. Now that I know that there'll basically be a Final Mix like update, though assumingly a smaller one I...
  6. AdrianXXII


    So this game brought back the replicas, much as I had hoped they would after reintroducing the concept in Days. Now I was curious wether we should now consider Xion, Naminé and Roxas Replicas or completed people/Somebodies. The game has Vexen and other characters emphasis how these are prefect...
  7. AdrianXXII

    What are the worlds in KH

    This isn’t really just tied to KH3, but the series as a whole. However the talks about which world can appear made me think of this again. So over the years i’ve always kind of wondered what the worlds in KH actually were. At first when i was little i believed the worlds were just more or...
  8. AdrianXXII

    Which Disney character should appear in KH

    So after a conversation with Dreaded_Desire62 about Disney Characters, the question of which Disney character should appear in the series came to me. Disney has a vast pool of characters that haven't been used. I'm taking about both the Mickey's friends characters and the Movie characters. Some...
  9. AdrianXXII

    Nobody's Aging

    OK found it odd there aren't any threads about this or at least the search couldn't find it. I was curious, do Nobodies age? From what i see from BBS it seems they do, but i can clearly remember reading somewhere that they don't and that only Special Nobodies could like Namine. It seems lots of...
  10. AdrianXXII

    BBS Question

    Do Sora's & Ven's Hearts share feelings? So I was thinking seeing how the heart is where the Emotions are in the KH univers. It would make sense that if Ventus returns to normal he'll have the same feelings for Sora's friends as Sora did, after all his heart was part of the heart with these...
  11. AdrianXXII

    Keyblade Inheritance Ceremony

    I'm surprised there doesn't seem to be any thread about this. So I personally don't fully understand this hole Keyblade Inheritance Ceremony, what happens after. The Inheritance part is the confusing part, seeing to inherit usually mean the item changes owner. But as we could see Riku's...
  12. AdrianXXII

    [days] Replica Project

    Ever since i heard of the Replica project, i couldn't stop thinking that this will come back and cause a lot of trouble for Sora and the gang. If i remember correctly they were attempts to Replicate Sora's power so they'll have connections to him. I pretty sure there were more then just...