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  1. kendorikku wilde

    if you were to get trolled into playing a.... (lord) forgive furry game for 125 dollars,WOULD YOU DO IT!?

    i am texting this as my friend told me to play amourous... for 125 dollars.SO YEAH DXDXDXDXD
  2. kendorikku wilde

    Film ► zootopia 2 coming' out soon! 9 day til

    zootopia 2 comin' out soon! 9 day til use this calendar to track the upcoming movie release!🙂
  3. kendorikku wilde

    miraculous OCs and discussionfor Miraculous:BEYOND

    miraculous role play discussion these are the rules for a miraculous future AU roleplay i will be starting for my friends the roleplay WILL be on this website aswell. anyone?
  4. kendorikku wilde

    for beginners

    hello! this is for those who are new to kh3.
  5. kendorikku wilde

    miraculous fans,please post here

    hey guys! mysterious white here! this forum is for miraculous fans!
  6. kendorikku wilde

    Does anyone have some pointers on how to grind quick in Disgaea 2:Dark Hero Days (PSP)

    i do consider myself a pro at disgaea 2,but i'm having trouble finding a "quicker" grind technique,. can someone help?