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  1. Gothtaku666

    Dragon Quest in Kingdom Hearts

    So I'm very much new to the Dragon Quest franchised but I do find this was my only problem with it being featured in Kingdom Hearts because I'd love for it to happen along with the more Square Enix properties my only personal problem is I find Dragon Quest to be a bit too simple and less...
  2. Gothtaku666

    Dragon Quest in Kingdom Hearts

    Yes well that is very much true in terms of art styles each of the Disney properties featured in Kingdom Hearts have always had very drastically different styles from each other and what number has style is and it does seem that square and namora I have understood that it kind of doesn't really...
  3. Gothtaku666

    Came across an old Thread from 2005

    Yeah it's pretty cool I don't really remember seeing the art for in and I remember getting Kingdom Hearts 2 upon its English release but I can't seem to find anything on it if you know anyone who can or can find any images of the promotional art can you send it to me if that's okay I know it's a...
  4. Gothtaku666

    Came across an old Thread from 2005

    Hey guys I came across an old thread on here from about 2005 or 2006 same Kingdom Hearts II had T for Teen rating by the ESRB can anyone actually confirm if that's true or not I have no problem believing either side especially due to some of the content in Kingdom Hearts 2 if you took out the...
  5. Gothtaku666

    I have an interesting idea

    So if you seen octopath traveler and the upcoming triangle strategy it's made me think about what if Kingdom Hearts at that and I know there's the upcoming Dragon Quest 2D 3D remake and from what I've seen of the Final Fantasy pixel remasters small elements that have been added and the mock-up...
  6. Gothtaku666

    Do you think Kingdom hearts \ verum rex should cater twords the T rating

    Honestly I don't believe that mostly because outside of Disney properties that are more recent they don't seem to care what what Square does . And upon recently examining KH ive honestly found it to be halfway original stuff especially sense the Disney stuff is just filled content. Modern...
  7. Gothtaku666

    Do you think Kingdom hearts \ verum rex should cater twords the T rating

    I wouldn't agree with that I don't think they need an actual fire arm plus firearms have been used in past KH games clayton comes to mind especially because that was an annoying boss fight.
  8. Gothtaku666

    Do you think Kingdom hearts \ verum rex should cater twords the T rating

    I Would like to talk. About the Kingdom Hearts series and Verum Rex getting a T rating. I know Verum Rex is most likely for a T for Teen rating however I would like to point out that the Kingdom Heart series in many respects is long overdue for the T rating especially when the actual contents...
  9. Gothtaku666

    The hate for nomura is getting old

    Ok that cleared stuff up
  10. Gothtaku666

    Where and when do you think the next Kingdom Hearts will be announced?

    If we get any announcements for phase 2 this year it'll be at TGS or jumps festa and Rather it Be a Verum Rex Spinoff or KHIV or both is a good assumption but I assume if anything it'll be next year I highly doubt we will get more than Dark Road this year but this is NOMURA so he may give us a...
  11. Gothtaku666

    The hate for nomura is getting old

    I'm not so sure about the fandoms menace and the Prequels these days I have plenty of friends who are apart of it who really really love the Prequels I usually hear them talking about... the Sequel trilogy and how it goes against both Prequels and og trilogy plus they'll praise mando both clone...
  12. Gothtaku666

    The hate for nomura is getting old

    It just always ends up like this it's just not ok I want to put an end to atleast most of it I disagree with the Last part because everything he's done while making it a serious is actually really good everything he's shown proves he's a fantastic writer he's just different and doesn't do...
  13. Gothtaku666

    So im going to be writing YouTube videos and articles on KH

    Hey guys so I'm going to be working on alot of stuff for kh. The list is my names for scripts 1 . Why TETSUYA NOMURA doesn't deserve the hate he gets. 2. VERUM REX the Nomura cut of FINAL FANTASY XV 3. Why I personally think KINGDOM HEARTS is a FINAL FANTASY spinoff. 4. How small...
  14. Gothtaku666

    The hate for nomura is getting old

    Hey guys so this is going to be a practice thread because I'm trying to make some articles related to Square Enix and Kingdom Hearts so please bear with me on this and any help you can give me would be very much appreciated I'm working on a few articles that I'd like to write revolving around...
  15. Gothtaku666

    Would you be in favor of Original/Square Enix worlds in replace of Disney worlds?

    Yes to Square Enix world's personally. I don't agree with the FINAL FANTASY characters lost there relevance in the story. To me they had more story purpose same with the twewy crew in Dream Drop Distance. I'd love to see more Square properties especially sense the original oh the ff and...
  16. Gothtaku666

    Kingdom hearts and symbolism

    I'm not sure how many people really think about it but Kingdom Hearts uses a lot of symbolism many people know this as many authors writers of any type tend to do this but Kingdom Hearts does it in such a unique way that I can really only compare texting you no more to a writer or director like...