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  1. K

    People say this is Riku or Roxas but whats possibilities of more then meets the eye?

    People say this is Riku or Roxas but whats possibilities of more then meets the eye? Always thought was interesting watching kingdom hearts trailer when this man posts up and shows one glowing orange eye. Even before he posts up. We have the words. "The eyes will close" "A world without you"...
  2. K

    Kingdom hearts 1 & 3 box cover? Same tower.

    Is the this tower from kh3 cover the same in kh cover ?
  3. K

    Riku DLC

    Me and my friend were talking how was weird gotta play as Riku for a little bit of time but didn’t really get to explore what him and Mickey were doing how end up powering there keyblades earning there new ones and how Riku ends up in the secret movie too. Got us thinking maybe will get a Riku...
  4. K

    Anyone notice ( Secret Ending Spoliers )

    whats your therioes of the secret ending ?
  5. K

    How to get Kingdom Hearts 3, right now Xbox Only

    1. Make a Japanese Xbox Account. (On The Xbox) You can change the language after you are done to English by going into settings. 2. Buy Kingdom Hearts 3, (Using Credit Card) 3. Waiting for download to be done. 4. Load game go into settings change to English. Vary easy to do if you have a...
  6. K

    Where the hell is?

  7. K

    Just having a open mind. Could the thirteen seekers be..?

    Is real possible the thirteen seekers of darkness the original organization 13 be the true bodies of the organization.. Xehanort wanted bodies maybe this is who the true seekers of darkness are..? Making Ansem a seeker. Just a thought.