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  1. Willow A113

    Help/Support ► Can someone please help me?

    I really didn't want to resort to this but I have no other options. So I really want to watch this new movie. But it's only available in theaters in Japan. So that means there's only one way to watch it. The illegal way. I tried to pirate it. I tried for hours. But there's a problem. My...
  2. Willow A113

    Film ► (Spoilers) Black Widow

    I just came back from the theaters. It was a good movie.
  3. Willow A113

    KHUX ► Welp… it’s gone

    Goodbye old friend
  4. Willow A113

    Anime/Manga ► My Hero Academia thread (Spoiler warning for the manga)

    I love this show and I've seen other people on this site mention it so that means there are some other fans here as well. I thought I would make a thread so me and everyone else can talk about it. THIS THREAD HAS MANGA SPOILERS!!! If you don't like spoilers, this is your final warning. This...
  5. Willow A113

    Anime/Manga ► My Hero Academia thread (NO manga spoilers) [Spoiler-FREE]

    I love this show and I've seen other people on this site mention it so that means there are some other fans here as well. I thought I would make a thread so me and everyone else can talk about it. NO MANGA SPOILERS ARE ALLOWED IN THIS THREAD!!! I made that message as big and obvious as I can...
  6. Willow A113

    This is my 420th post! 🥳

    Just like my level on Union x.
  7. Willow A113

    Film ► Pixar’s Luca

    This movie came out today and I loved it! Has anyone else seen it? What do you think? I’d say it’s my favorite Pixar movie, but I know that’s a lie and it’s just because I just watched it for the first time. Also, this movie is so f*****g queer! Anyone agree or is it just me? I’m not saying...
  8. Willow A113

    Bad news

    So my parents have a lot of restrictions, right? One is called downtime where basically my phone turns off during the night and only a few apps work. Well I was on khinsider and I knew downtime was about to turn on so I took screenshots so I could read them after. I tried sending them to myself...
  9. Willow A113

    Thoughts on fiction?

    What are everyone’s thoughts on all this fictional worlds nonsense Nomura’s writing about? I’m still trying to understand it myself lol.
  10. Willow A113

    KHUX ► How to beat nightmare cy-bug

    I can't get past this level. I'd also like help for the darkness battle after it.
  11. Willow A113

    Expect to see less of me

    I just got a job and I can't focus on that, school, khinsider, and still have free time. I won't be on here as much so I can have more time for other things. I'll really just check the news every once in a while and rarely go on the forums. If you really want to talk to me, you can dm me on this...
  12. Willow A113

    Nomura is the Master of Masters?

    So I've been thinking about this for a while now, but I didn't say anything because it seemed too stupid to be true. Not that it was unlikely, but just that I thought other people would think it's stupid. It does sound kind of stupid and I was kind of ashamed thinking it. But then The Landi...
  13. Willow A113

    Anime/Manga ► Should I keep watching Haikyu?

    So my sisters have been wanting me to watch Haikyu for a while now, and today I finally watched the first two episodes. But I'm gonna be honest. It was incredibly boring imo. Does it get better? If so, when? If it gets better by the end of season 1, I wouldn't want to sit through all the boring...
  14. Willow A113

    Could there ever be a KHI app?

    An app would be very nice.
  15. Willow A113

    What do you all what Kingdom Hearts to be ported to first?

    Which should be first?
  16. Willow A113


  17. Willow A113

    Mickey's Mystery (backstory)

    Ok, so I really don't understand Mickey's backstory in Kingdom Hearts. His world was in black and white until some unexplained thing happened to change it to color. Then he apparently wanted to be a musketeer his whole life, yet he showed no interest in it back in Timeless River. But we know...
  18. Willow A113

    Lucky emblems lore?

    What exactly are the lucky emblems and why are they in the worlds? They have no reason to be there and no explanation. Are they just a non-canon thing to make the gameplay more interesting?
  19. Willow A113

    Is anyone going to talk about how kh3 is 2 years old today?

    Kingdom Hearts 3 came out on January 25, 2019, which is exactly 2 years ago and no one but me seems to have realized.
  20. Willow A113

    Confusion about Ansem

    So in kh2 we see Ansem the wise in the world that never was with everyone else. In the bbs secret episode, he was in the realm of darkness. In ddd, he was digitized into Sora's heart. How did he get from point a to point b to point c?