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  1. kaseykockroach

    Your top ten or five or one most favoritest games in the whole wide cosmos

    Yes, I recognize that asking the populace to compile a list of their favorite games in a forum about video games is as generic as a cat chasing a mouse or a monkey eating a banana, but besides the inherent pleasures of embodying our gaming tastes into one post, perhaps this can lead to...
  2. kaseykockroach

    Hey, DK, look! A lucky emblem!

  3. kaseykockroach

    KH1 is the best game in the series because

    it’s the only one where Donald eventually gets Second Chance.
  4. kaseykockroach

    Favorite shield and staff designs

    (This can include KH3’s shields and staves) I’ve seen at least a few threads dedicated to discussing keyblade aesthetics, but don’t recall one devoted to discussing Donald and Goofy’s weapons. So here I am! KH1, I recall there’s at least one or two times where they just recolor Donald’s staff...
  5. kaseykockroach

    Spongebob should be in a KH game

    He is, after all, a square character.
  6. kaseykockroach

    Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

    I saw that MK8 got to have its own thread, so I figured I could ignite a thread for the kart racer I’ve gotten hooked on. My PSN username is kaseykockroach if anyone wants to los- I-I mean, uh, race me!
  7. kaseykockroach

    Specific Aspects You Loved About KH3

    Figured we could use a companion/contrasting thread to the disappointment thread hanging about. -Trinity trio. This is pretty much “Sora Donald and Goofy: The Game” as far as I’m concerned, even moreso than KH1 or 2, something of which I’ve longed for ever since being disappointed at KH2’s...
  8. kaseykockroach

    What's your world order?

    I recall doing a thread like this for KH1 and 2, long before KH3 was unleashed. As with the past games, you can pick between which of two worlds available at a time you want to visit first. I'm curious, which order do you guys go with? Which ones 'feels' right to you? My order is as follows...
  9. kaseykockroach

    Hidden Gems

    Been playing a N64 platformer called Rocket: Robot on Wheels and have been delighted at what a colorful, creative and super-duper-fun game this is. It's not especially surprising, since this was by the same folks that would go on to create Sly Cooper, so these guys already knew a thing or two...
  10. kaseykockroach

    So how many of you found all the lucky emblems WITHOUT looking it up? ;)

    I feel sorry for the first few players that had to find them all so they could create walkthroughs for us. I found about 60 of them without help, and needed guides from there. KH1 still has this beat as far as compelling sidequests go (nothing beats dalmatians and trinities for me), but it's...
  11. kaseykockroach

    Top 5 favorite worlds!

    Doesn't have to be ranked, of course. And different takes on the same world can count (like if you, for whatever reason, wanted to include both KH1 and KH2's Agrabah). -Traverse Town (KH1) -The Caribbean (KH3) -Atlantica (KH1) -End of the World (KH1) -Toy Box (KH3)
  12. kaseykockroach

    You know what I found a thousand times more annoying than GOOD SPOT TO FIND SOME INGREDIENTS?

    Donald’s line is of course heard throughout the game, but what I found more intensely irritating... MORE, MORE I THINK I’LL GATHER THESE
  13. kaseykockroach

    Anyone ever only play the numbered games?

    I'm only somewhat among that group, as I have technically dabbled in CoM, BBS and Days, but haven't finished any of them due to lack of interest. But I'm curious anyhow if there's anyone here who delved into KH3 without having played the games building up to it. And rest assured, there's no...
  14. kaseykockroach

    Kingdom Hearts 3 is the ideal KH game

    I'll cheekily acknowledge that, yes, the title of this thread is rather hyperbolic. Not to mention I almost called it "perfect" before finding "ideal" is the more fitting term. I apologize in advance, for I have no compelling justification as to why I've sought to create this thread. This...
  15. kaseykockroach

    What would you like as DLC?

    I'm assuming we're getting DLC at all. If not, pardon my naivete! If we do get DLC of any kind, I'd be up for more secret bosses. The one we got is fine (since KH3 has a lot of sidequests to attend to as is), but I wouldn't mind some more ridiculous over-the-top hidden challenges.
  16. kaseykockroach

    This is the best game ever so far. Why?

    Because Phil doesn’t get a single line in Olympus. THANK YOU, NOMURA. Junior heroes my arse.. The only thing missing was Donald giving him a kick in the face.
  17. kaseykockroach

    "I'm sorry about the ice cream!"

    Either this game features a flashback cutscene detailing what the heck Donald was referring to, or I'm cancelling my pre-order.
  18. kaseykockroach

    I am a grieving widow.

    I am on the road crew. This is my stop sign.