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  1. Keyblade Knight 1st Class

    One Year Ago Today

    On January 14th 2021, I created this account and joined the best community I've ever encountered on the internet. I have enjoyed every moment of my time here, and I'm looking forward to future anniversaries. So I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for being awesome. P.S. I would...
  2. Keyblade Knight 1st Class

    Sora's World Forms Part 2

    I promised a second part and here it is. The point of this one is to determine what World Forms are wanted most. My top pick would be Skeleton Sora with Anthropomorphic Animal and Insect rounding out a 3 (yes this is a three choice poll). P.S. Household Appliance Sora is a bit of a joke entry...
  3. Keyblade Knight 1st Class

    Sora's World Forms

    For me personally I would probably have to go with Halloween Sora with Monster Sora in second. If I had to pick what the worst one is, I'd say Digital Sora 2.0. P.S. This is part 1 of 2.
  4. Keyblade Knight 1st Class

    A Question about Final Fantasy VII's Timeline

    In the latest trailer for The First Soldier, it states that the game takes place in 1977, 30 years before the original game. So naturally this means that FFVII itself takes place in 2007. And since Jenova is said to have come to the planet 2,000 years ago, is it safe to assume that the arrival...
  5. Keyblade Knight 1st Class

    Halloweentown Transformations

    With October and Halloween right around the corner I figured I'd ask this question now. If Halloweentown ever returns, and this time all of our heroes visited the world, what would their transformations be? I have a few ideas and I'd like to see what everyone thinks. Riku-Werewolf For Riku I...
  6. Keyblade Knight 1st Class

    Kingdom Hearts Summon Ideas

    Summons have been a part of the series since day one and probably always will be. So with that in mind here are some ideas I've come up with for future summons. Sisu (Raya and the Last Dragon) Sisu utilizes the Dragon magic of her siblings in battle, with each one having a unique effect...
  7. Keyblade Knight 1st Class

    Guardians of the Galaxy demo?

    I was wondering if this game was going to get a demo at some point. I wasn't blown away by the trailer, but I read about it in Game Informer and thought it sounded okay on paper. That being said, I keep thinking back to the mediocre trailer and have come to realize that the only way to figure...
  8. Keyblade Knight 1st Class

    Annualized Final Fantasy?

    Final Fantasy is no stranger to annual releases. There was a time when games would come out every year (and sometimes multiple games would be released in a single year). But with console game development taking longer than ever, and a lack of handhelds, the days of getting a new FF game every...
  9. Keyblade Knight 1st Class

    Final Fantasy Shower Thoughts

    Where did Cloud learn those dance moves?
  10. Keyblade Knight 1st Class

    Replacing Disney with Final Fantasy (Help fill in the blanks)

    Inspired by the recent threads that reimagined Kingdom Hearts with Warner Bros and Nintendo, I've been trying to imagine what KH would've looked like if Square Enix couldn't get the rights to the Disney properties, and instead decided to fill the void with Final Fantasy. Of course FF does have a...
  11. Keyblade Knight 1st Class

    Casting a Live Action Final Fantasy VII

    I saw this done in a Final Fantasy Facebook group a few years back. The idea is simple, you're making a live action adaptation of FF7 and are in charge of casting. I've made some alterations and additions since then, but for the most part this was my cast. Cloud- Brenton Thwaites Aerith- Emma...
  12. Keyblade Knight 1st Class

    What's a game that you would consider yourself a pro at (Aside from KH)?

    For me it would be Ratchet & Clank. Every time I play a new game in the series, I'm instantly good at it. And to this day, my brother still refuses to play PvP (in the games that have it) against me.
  13. Keyblade Knight 1st Class

    Best Secret Ending

    Personally I'm torn between Another Side, Another Story and The Gathering but I'd probably go with the former. My young mind was blown away by the reveal of Keyblade dual wielding and the introduction of the Neoshadow (my favorite Heartless design). I also remember being kinda disappointed when...
  14. Keyblade Knight 1st Class

    KHUX ► Save User Data?

    I've been wondering about this since the last update. Does this need to be done regularly to keep the saved data as up to date as possible? Or is it automatic?
  15. Keyblade Knight 1st Class

    What's in the Box?

    It's one of the biggest mysteries surrounding the future of the series. Naturally there has been serious speculation as to its contents, but we're going to set all that aside and talk about our silliest theories about the Black Box. I'll start with a simple one. It's meant to be opened on Luxu's...
  16. Keyblade Knight 1st Class

    The Battle Between Light and Darkness

    During a scene in Union x, the Master of Masters tells Luxu about the beginning of the Keyblade War. He reveals that during this conflict, Darkness assumed a human form (he also says that he was the only relevant wielder, but that could be his ego talking). Anyways I've been wondering, is this...
  17. Keyblade Knight 1st Class

    Kingdom Hearts Hoodie

    Does anyone know a good place to get one? I've been looking for a few hours now and I haven't had much luck. Thanks in advance!
  18. Keyblade Knight 1st Class

    What If...

    Imagine that we live in an alternate universe where Disney owns everything. Kingdom Hearts now has a near endless supply of movies,games etc to crossover with. Anything is possible and the only limit is our imagination. What would you like to see in this theoretical world? I've come up with some...
  19. Keyblade Knight 1st Class

    KHUX ► Union x Player Character Memorial

    With the announcement that the story is wrapping up in April and servers will shut down in May, I've decided to set up a memorial for our avatars. A place where we can come and pay our respects to characters that we've spent many hours with. Characters that will sadly be forgotten by the series...
  20. Keyblade Knight 1st Class

    Victory Fanfare in Kingdom Hearts

    Personally I'd like to hear it used as a ringtone like in Advent Children.