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  1. Zetta slow

    The Master's eye

    The MoM's gazing eye confuses me. Is it his actual eye, or is it just figurative? I know in Back Cover he said it was his eye, but the eye is on so many keyblades, like Vanitas's, Riku's old one, all of the Foretellers, YX's, and Terra's. You're telling me the guy has 8 eyeballs? Or is it just...
  2. Zetta slow

    Why did people hate FFXV so much?

    I literally just finished the game, and it was fucking beautiful. The characters were amazing, every single one of them, story was great, I enjoyed the combat system very much, visuals were amazing, pacing was nice and fast when it needed to be, and didn’t drag on for too long. I think it’s...
  3. Zetta slow

    Favourite Foreteller?

    My favourite is probably Gula, just because of how chill he is. The guy’s always sitting on a table or box, and he’s pretty smart.
  4. Zetta slow

    Dumbest Kingdom Hearts story summary?

    Super random, but how would you quickly summarize Kingdom Hearts? My normal summary is Creepy old man wants a super powerful weapon to give the world a reboot, so he makes 13 of himself to fight some teenagers.
  5. Zetta slow

    So...are Xion and Roxas half brother and sister?

    I mean, Roxas was came from both Ventus and Sora, isn’t there a joke that that would make Roxas their son? If Xion was created from Sora’s memories of Kairi, then, if we’re going by the Roxas logic, that would Xion their daughter? I just find that kinda funny. 😆