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  1. Cyborg009

    looking to join a vulpes party

    not to seem annoying but, i was think of switching unions from Leopardos to Vulpes, mainly because the party i was in was practically a ghost town and i like to be with players from this forum. so are there any parties in Vulpes still active that need another member?
  2. Cyborg009

    Fanfiction ► One Piece Infinite Adventures

    This is something that i have been working on for quite sometime. A crossover series featuring the Straw Hat Pirates from One Piece. And while progress has been slow, i have managed to get a couple of tales done. This project has been my brainchild for three years now, with loads of concepts in...
  3. Cyborg009

    Character Customization in KH3

    okay, after seeing the newest KH 2.8 trailer, i'm gonna call it. i might get zapped for this, but i'm gonna call it anyway. Character Customization in KH3! There, i said it! Think about it: Performing sidequest or completing certain parts of the main story can give Sora, Donald and Goofy...
  4. Cyborg009

    Who's gonna wait till 1/24 after KH 2.8 comes out in japan?

    The title says most of it. normally I'd spoil myself over stuff like this before it comes out. But seeing as KH2.8 is just over the horizon and with KH3 not too far, i want to practice avoiding spoilers till it comes stateside. so is anyone else gonna avoid the net like the plague when...
  5. Cyborg009

    Countdown till D23 Expo Japan

    As we enter into the month October, we come to the realization that November is just around the corner. And so does the D23 expo in japan AND the Kingdom Hearts fan event on the 3rd. So just for the heck of it, i am instituting a countdown thread to count the days till the big event. And the...
  6. Cyborg009

    search engine hiccup?

    me again. remember my last post about a so called phishing scam on the goggle browser, well i decided to let the net take its course and get this. it sent me to some shopping search browser. all that worrying over something so dumb. except one time i got to some fake computer scan site. any...
  7. Cyborg009

    phising attack on google browser

    this is to any or everyone that uses google. word on the street that some phising attacks have been identified in google. how this trap gets sprug is like this. 1. simple joe types in what they want to look up. 2. they click on the site that they want. 3. instead of the site they want they...
  8. Cyborg009

    President signs new Tobacco law

    Justice prevails! BBC NEWS | Americas | Obama signs tobacco bill into law
  9. Cyborg009

    Mermaid Melody Official US ADV Films English

    Hi everyone! BIG NEWS! I found the official Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch US English Dub Trailer on youtube! It's so exciting that we now have some proof that Mermaid Melody was actually worked on by ADV, but the only problem is that we don't know if this is a trailer that was suppsoed to...
  10. Cyborg009

    One Piece Funimation

    first i have some bad news for all one piece fans. i'm not sure if anyone knows this by now, but a few weeks ago one piece was taken off the air. T_T However there is a silver lining in all this cause on May 27th, Funimation is release the Uncut and Unedited Season DVD Box Sets of One Piece...
  11. Cyborg009

    One Piece: Unlimited Cruise

    One Piece: Unlimited Cruise is an upcoming video game announced for Nintendo's Wii console based on the popular manga and anime One Piece. The game has been scheduled to be released in two episodes, one which will be released in the summer of 2008 and the second episode, which will follow up in...
  12. Cyborg009

    Sins of a Solar Empire

    greetings friends. tired of those old turn-based strategy games set in space? Want a new game that doesn't require all those expensive graphic cards? then look no further, cause there's a game that perfect for those needs. Sins of a Solar Empire is the latest RTS game from Stardock, the...
  13. Cyborg009

    Bin Laden's Son: ambassador of peace

    i'm not sure if this is the spot to put it but...check this out. Bin Laden son: ‘Ambassador of peace’? - Terrorism - MSNBC.com looks this apple really fell far from the tree. your thoughts?
  14. Cyborg009

    One Piece: Unlimited Adventure

    special update to all one piece fans...if there's any out there. note that one piece is now under the control of Funimation and all Funi voice actors will be used. plus, funi has made this game for those still loyal to the original one piece Also... Play through a brand new One Piece...
  15. Cyborg009

    New Enemy Sketch

    while performing investgations on kh: BBS, a local was managed to make a artist depiction of the new non- heartless enemy. New Enemy Sketch by ~jazzmanjustin on deviantART note: this is not the offical version of the enemy but were close to something.
  16. Cyborg009

    Looney Tunes: Duck Amuck

    ever heard of this game. this is based on a cartoon of the same title. you get to drive daffy looney! click V for more info Looney Tunes: Duck Amuck for DS
  17. Cyborg009

    Pokemon: Crystal Chronicles (redo)

    Long ago...in the world of Shintoja, Pokemon have lived out there lives as would humans do in our world. In Shintoja, all Pokemon act and talk like normal humans. they build massive cities, formed numerous nations and have lived in peace. For 1000 years, the Pokemon of Shintoja were at peace...
  18. Cyborg009

    Pokemon: Crystal Chronicles

    Long ago...in the world of Shintoja, Pokemon have lived out there lives as would humans do in our world. In Shintoja, all Pokemon act and talk like normal humans. they build massive cities, formed numerous nations and have lived in peace. For 1000 years, the Pokemon of Shintoja were at peace...
  19. Cyborg009

    the mind is a powerful force (create a KH game)

    they say a dream is wish your hearts makes, in this time of age it's also what your mind creates. And now my friends that wish can come true here. post our ideas, your plans, your version of Kingdom Hearts. while some can be little off the crazy meter, other will flourish with excellance. all...
  20. Cyborg009


    hey guys. i want everyone to know that there be a sequel series in dot hack. note: the info is base from wikipedia but i'll add some comments and notes. .hack//G.U. is the title of a series of three video games for PlayStation 2. The first title in the series, Vol.1 Resurrection, will be...