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  1. des97

    Kingdom Hearts Re: Union X?

    This game needs a remake. A good one. Chain of Memories got one, as well as Coded. So please, don't let a very important chapter be exclusively playable on smartphones. The graphics and the turn-based combat system do not belong to Kingdom Hearts. Personally, a MMORPG would be very awesome. We...
  2. des97

    Vanilla KH3 Short Review

    After earning the Platinum Trophy, I am ready to write a review of this game. Given the fact that I've been a fan of KH since its release, I had great expectations for this game, after waiting for it since its reveal in 2013 (even though we all know that the wait has been longer than...
  3. des97

    Why is Ventus in Kingdom Hearts Union X?

    Not only him, but also: Is there any theory around?
  4. des97

    Xehanort's other selves

    One thing that caught me off guard was the fact that they all have the same height. What could this possibly mean? I know they are wearing an armor, but shouldn't they be sized? Is there something more than meets the eye?
  5. des97


    So I'll make it short. We know for a fact that all the previous Organization 13 members are now restored to their original form. So I'm asking, since we've seen 3 different Riku's so far, what are the chances that KH3 is going to feature both Braig from BBS (time travel) and Xigbar from the...
  6. des97

    Convoluted theory: Xehanort has 2 Heartless/Nobodies and is a vessel

    I'll start by saying that I had no idea where to post this, so feel free to move it to the most appropriate subforum. We all know what lack of KH information leads to: theories, convoluted theories. Such as this one I'm about to tell you. Nomura loves playing with words: Xehanort, as everybody...
  7. des97

    Vulpeus/Ava Is Kairi's Grandma

    I already know this might sound crazy, but I have this theory of mine (I apologize if somebody else's already posted a similar thread) that I wanted to show you. So we all know that long ago Master Ava founded the Dandelions, a group of selected people who survived the Keyblade War. She must've...
  8. des97

    The Entire Story of Kingdom Hearts in Under 20 Minutes

    Since it's not been posted by anyone else yet, I thought it'd be interesting to show you this video guys. It's pretty new, I'm sure not everyone of you have watched it and it's extremely helpful, expecially for the ones who still have doubts about the series (cough... IGN cough... should take a...
  9. des97

    Who has actually aged? (TAV) + Where is Terra? (It may contain KH3D spoilers)

    More than 10 years have passed since the events of KH BBS took place, meaning that non-Disney characters must've aged a little bit. Is this appliable to the whole trio? We do know that time flows way slower in the Realm of Darkness, therefore Aqua is merely a couple days older. We are also aware...
  10. des97

    When you've got nothing to do

    Me: "Have you heard of the ancient KH3?" Camouflaged Nomura: "Yeah, the fans' favourite story!" Me: "So, you know Trollmura... He's the one who started the hype." Camouflaged Nomura: "Never heard of him!" Me: "You can drop the release date." Me: "On that date shall 2018 prevail and 2016 expire...
  11. des97

    Personal thoughts, ideas, considerations about Kingdom Hearts 3

    Before I start, I want to make sure that this won't be a wishlist or whatsoever. As the title says, I'm just going to analyze some aspects of the willingly upcoming game that should hopefully put an end to our elderly Xehanort. The first topic I'll talk about is length. Yes, you heard it loud...
  12. des97

    What's under Vanitas' helmet?

    Major spoilers here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nA9whgJ5r9s I told ya
  13. des97

    A few doubts

    Okay, first of all these doubts may refer to KH3D also, but I've decided to start the thread here because they include KH3 as well. We know that after ASoD and Xemnas died, MX relived. But why him and not AX? Shouldn't it have been him, considering that ASoD and Xemnas are his Heartless and...
  14. des97

    Can you help me with these song?

    Hey guys, the song is "Someone Who Cares" from Three Days Grace. I understood the lyrics but these sentence "Why is it so hard to find someone who can keep it together when you've come undone?". What does "come undone" mean? EDIT: fail in the title :facepalm: I meant THIS sorry guys D:
  15. des97

    How could a non-native speaker improve its English?

    Hey guys, it's been a while since the last time I opened a thread. Yeah, the question is: how could I improve my English (mainly writin', but speakin' too)? As you coulda noticed, I ain't English/American, but Italian. For example, I find it difficult to understand the lyrics of my favourite...
  16. des97

    des97's graphic works

    I'm a Photoshop beginner and i would like to know your opinions. How could I improve? What's wrong in these works? {Icons:
  17. des97

    Hi everyone!

    Hi. My name's Andrea and I'm a new user. I love Kingdom Hearts and this is the Forum I've been looking for! Well... I'm not good at presentations. Pleased to meet you. :)