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    Best 2021 KH memory

    Just to mention a few other noteworthy moments. All the games came out on PC and were announced for the Switch.
  2. L

    KH in general is like setting up bowling pins (Minor spoilers for Re:mind and MoM)

    I don't get it. How do you come to the conclusion that because Yen Sid tells Donald and Goofy to let the rest know where Sora and Riku are, it kills the rest of the subplots? Wait at least to see if they've been able to contact everyone, see them together and see that in a year they've done...
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    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS 20th anniversary trailer + event announced

    Does +4 years of development seem early for you guys? :cautious: KH3 was 5 years with a new graphic engine, starting from 0. So, for me, that release date is totally feasible.
  4. L

    Leaked KH4 and KHUX for PC

    God of War was announced today for Steam. This plus the other announcements that have been made since the leak, confirms, for me, the authenticity of the games listed, whether it's a PC release or an upcoming announcement.
  5. L

    Leaked KH4 and KHUX for PC

    You know they remade Coded from mobile to the Nintendo DS, right?
  6. L

    Leaked KH4 and KHUX for PC

    Today GeForce NOW, a Nvidia platform for cloud gaming, had a data leak where we can see games listed in their database yet to be announced for PC release (includes console exclusive and unannounced games). And two of them are Kingdom Hearts 4 and Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Sources:
  7. L

    Dark Road ► Master Odin’s eye

    It's fanmade, not official
  8. L

    Where and when do you think the next Kingdom Hearts will be announced?

    Many believe that Nomura meant to tell us that the next big announcement would be on the 20th anniversary and others believe that there will be a release on that date. Let's remember that between the announcement of Melody of Memory and its release were only months, so it is possible that they...
  9. L

    What does this scene means?

    So, does anyone have any theories as to who those three hearts belong to?
  10. L

    E3 in june..

    The stream will be about 40 minutes and include exciting news from across the globe including: The world premiere of a new game from Eidos-Montréal An exciting update on BABYLON’S FALL™ Details about Marvel’s Avengers Expansion: Black Panther- War for Wakanda and updates on upcoming in-game...
  11. L

    E3 in june..

    Square Enix will have a presentation on June 13. Source: https://e3expo.com/news/e3-news/e3-2021-schedule-and-fan-registration Update: The presentation will be at 12:15pm PT / 8:15pm BST Source:
  12. L

    News ► Nomura: "There is no connection between" Kingdom Hearts III and NEO: TWEWY

    Come on guys, you know how it goes with Nomura, we can't believe anything he says. He has too long a track record of lies to continue to believe what he tells us :LOL: Knowing him, it is possible that what he means is that they are not DIRECTLY connected, so what he is telling us is true, but...
  13. L

    What does this scene means?

    In ReMind, Sora releases Xion's memories and sees Roxas's heart, which by the way, her portrait is gone, in case you hadn't noticed. At that moment we can see how three hearts fly away, and Sora is surprised. If you pay attention, during this scene we can hear Kairi's theme. Are those really...
  14. L

    I've found the next game opening

    I think we've all misunderstood what Nomura meant by "the other side" :ROFLMAO:
  15. L

    Mickey visit to Daybreak Town in KHUX is after Melody of Memory?

    My theory is that this scene is part of Mickey's Mark of Mastery journey.