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  1. LightUpTheSky452

    News ► Utada's 8th studio album "BAD MODE" to release Jan. 19, features ”Face My Fears”

    That was REALLY pretty. I think I like parts of it better than the original. So lovely.
  2. LightUpTheSky452

    Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Event held in Tokyo on April 10th

    I'm kind of surprised it sounds like they're not live-streaming it. But oh well. Let this be something special for those who get to go for a few days, before they release the videos. I'm sure we can just get impressions from those who do get to go from here like we have in the past. And that...
  3. LightUpTheSky452

    Found an old nostalgic gem

    That's so cool! Oh, man. I never saw this. I didn't have Internet access back then. But now I wish this site still existed, so I could play around with it some. But I'm glad we at least have this, then. I'm so glad you found it. Thank you!
  4. LightUpTheSky452

    What would you like to see from a Coded remake?

    I would love to see a Data Kairi, please and thank you. Also... wasn't there a Data Roxas battle or something (outside of the main story)? I may be remembering wrong. Perhaps this whole thing is a fever dream, and if it is, feel free to ignore all of this. But I remember trying to fight that...
  5. LightUpTheSky452

    Gamer: NTWEWY staff look back on development, discuss favorite characters and quotes

    This is a fun interview with everyone. Thank you so much for translating it, Sign. You're the best! And oh my gosh. That interviewer sure loved to ask about Motoi, huh? LOL It's interesting that Nomura wants playable characters that the entire player base can relate to and think that they are...
  6. LightUpTheSky452

    there goes my save data...DX

    I'm sorry to hear that, my friend:( Losing save files always sucks. It reminds me of when I accidentally deleted my Days clear file somehow (YEARS ago), when I was trying to record myself playing Days with a video camera (yeah). -hugs-
  7. LightUpTheSky452

    NTWEWY staff discuss game's reception, design concepts, and more in new interview with Famitsu

    Very interesting stuff here! Thank you so much for the translation, guys! I'm surprised that Nomura said his other games aren't usually as received as well. LOL And I didn't know that about the characters' names having to do with sounds and plants. Dang. And, yes! Please give us what happened...
  8. LightUpTheSky452

    Square Enix reveals NEO: The World Ends With You underperformed

    I'm really disappointed, but I knew this was going to happen:( Not advertising it at E3 was such a mistake. I don't understand. Ugh. I hate that it's probably going to go into cult status like the original, and we'll most likely never get another game:( Maybe sales could start picking up and...
  9. LightUpTheSky452

    KINGDOM HEARTS 3 Namine Bring Arts figure coming August 2022

    Beautiful girl! I'm so glad we're finally getting to Nami figure, and she's not further fading away into obscurity. -hugs my girl tightly-
  10. LightUpTheSky452

    Kingdom Hearts Series Coming to Nintendo Switch as Cloud Versions

    Oh, really? I wasn't really paying attention to the Cloud part. I guess I was just thinking they would put the games on cartridges for Switch. But if it's through the Cloud--and I'm now seeing that it is--you wouldn't be able to play it in the car. You're right. Oh well. I'm still happy about...
  11. LightUpTheSky452

    KINGDOM HEARTS 20th Anniversary site launches

    The site is looking fresh:) But I'm seeing the Sora and Kairi figures they have there (of Sora in his thrones, in the one KHIII promotional image, and Kairi in her throne in the MoM cover art), and I'm trying to remember if we knew that those were being made before, or if that's new news, as well:)
  12. LightUpTheSky452

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS 20th anniversary trailer + event announced

    I'm so hyped! They weren't kidding at TGS, when they said things were about to heat up for the Square Enix titles that had anniversaries coming soon. And that 20th anniversary logo is too cute. Oh, man! I wonder what they have in store for us. Only good things, I'm sure:)
  13. LightUpTheSky452

    Kingdom Hearts Series Coming to Nintendo Switch as Cloud Versions

    You mean I can now play the Kingdom Hearts games comfortably in my bed? Or on a car ride or something? -sobs- What a dream come true! And I'm definitely happy for the super Nintendo and Switch fans. I honestly feel like this was a long time coming, since KH had had quite a few games for...
  14. LightUpTheSky452

    Sora from Kingdom Hearts announced as a new DLC fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I'm just... so happy. I'm so glad it finally happened. And it must have been a legal nightmare. Kudos to everyone involved in making this a reality, like Sakurai and Nomura, I'm sure. Eep!
  15. LightUpTheSky452

    Square Enix shares NEO TWEWY One-Shot by Shiro Amano to Commemorate EGS Release

    @Oracle Spockanort Oh my gosh. That's hilarious. LOL. Why are they at a bathhouse?
  16. LightUpTheSky452

    Square Enix shares NEO TWEWY One-Shot by Shiro Amano to Commemorate EGS Release

    Everyone looks so cute! I'm so excited! And I'm so glad tradition was kept this way! Though it would be nice if we could get a TWEWY manga that was longer than one chapter, but I'll happily take what I can get. Though I'm confused as to why Rindo's shirtless in the one panel, and why Shoka's...
  17. LightUpTheSky452

    Dark Road ► The Last Dark Road Update, When?

    Is Dark Road still ending this last month like it was supposed to? Have we heard anything?
  18. LightUpTheSky452

    English cast for The World Ends With You - The Animation revealed, to start streaming Friday

    @Sign Yeah, I remembered Nomura saying that he'd want the game to take place in another city. And I honestly think that would be for the best, too. I guess I was just hoping that maybe we could still get a Neku and Shiki cameo, since Shiki's work might take her everywhere. Or that maybe the...
  19. LightUpTheSky452

    English cast for The World Ends With You - The Animation revealed, to start streaming Friday

    @Sign I guess we've really got to pray for a TWEWY 3, then, and that Neku's involved in it somehow, even if it's just a small way. I'd be okay with him and Shiki being shop owners together or something. Or if we got more TWEWY cameos in Kingdom Hearts. We're still waiting on that "See you in...