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  1. Marx15

    Day 322

    So I've been recently playing Days, was playing through games before 3D. And so far, one thing that caught my attention, was that on Day 322, it starts out with Xemnas, Xigbar, and Saix all sitting in Where Nothing Gathers, talking about on how Xion is starting to take away more power from...
  2. Marx15

    [SPOILERS] Is Isa Related To 3D's Young Xehanort?

    I haven't made any threads in a long time, so bear with me please...if this in particular has been addressed, than please forgive me. Recently, I've seen some people say that they may have thought that Isa could possibly be 3D's Young Xehanort. And since we have the voice of this form of...
  3. Marx15

    My songs.....Hope you enjoy.

    I did not know this thread existed to tell you the truth. I am an aspiring singer, and I sometimes right my own lyrics. I still have yet to put music to them, but I like writing some every now and then. I hope anyone who looks at this will enjoy my writing. I'll probably post a few lyrics I've...
  4. Marx15

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Broken Destiny

    (My fan-fic, in a game style format about one thing I think could happen for the gap between BBS and when Maleficent took over Radiant Garden) The worlds I have included, are the following--- Shine Forest - The beginning World, in which the main characters were training at (Their homeworld)...
  5. Marx15

    Re:Coded Dummy Jacket and new Avatars Feature

    Re:Coded Dummy Jacket and new Avatars Feature EDIT::::::: Forget it, I just saw it......I am sorry. CLOSE THREAD PLease
  6. Marx15

    No BBS on PSN....

    I thought I should make a thread about this, giving a reason why BBS won't be on the PSN. I found it here----- Explanation why BbS is not on the PSN, nor Demos [Archive] - KH-Vids.Net Forum So, according to this, BBS won't be on the PSN because it crashes, and Disney doesn't want it to...
  7. Marx15

    Re:CODED Trailer

    Re:CODED Trailer I didn't see this anywhere...so Heart Station has the Re:CODED trailer from E3 on their site. HEARTSTATION.ORG VIDEO---- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOS-3J-y0mU&feature=player_embedded
  8. Marx15

    BBS English Trailer

    If anyone has posted this, then good-bye thread...lol but...here it is Heartstation posted this <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/XE0fS2cRi10&color1=0xb1b1b1&color2=0xd0d0d0&hl=en_GB&feature=player_embedded&fs=1"></param><param...
  9. Marx15

    Do you think?...

    so, like the title says, does anybody believe the X-Blade will reappear in the future KH3, and if so, by who??? and if you chose the 3rd choice (Yes, by some means)...then please try to explain how.
  10. Marx15

    A Question about MX and the X-Blade...

    HEY.....I was just thinking, we all know that Ansem SoD resembles MX mostly...and how he possessed Riku and everything. So since Riku can wield both darkness and light...so what I was wondering, did Ansem SoD have similar intentions as MX...trying to get Riku to be a perfect balance of both...
  11. Marx15

    Yen Sid is the third master...

    I was just watching a stream of someone playing Terra's scenario...and when Terra is at mysterious Tower...and he gets to Yen Sid...he refers to him as "Master Yen Sid"
  12. Marx15

    IDK...if this has been talked about....but what is ven holding???

    like the title says....idk what hes holding....but they are cards....when i saw it i thought of Luxord.....but I dont think hes going to be in the game.....so does anyone know what the cards ven's holding in his hands are???
  13. Marx15

    BbS theory.....

    k...here it is Master Eraqus is killed either by MX or Terra (in his path to become master...this is goin off wat MX said to Terra in Land of Departure....somethin like...if u stay with Master Eraqus, then ull never pass the Master Qualification Exam...) MX is killed by Vanitas. Ven is...
  14. Marx15

    Vanitas - Keyblade

    Has anyone noticed that Vanitas doesnt have a keychain in the new trailer...only a chain for one at the end of his keyblade.
  15. Marx15

    Yet another Ven theory...

    well ya...i just finished playin 358/2 days...and i was thinkin...since Xion resembled Ven to Xigbar...then means that sora does have some memories of Ven.....and since there is some connection between them, i know people have thought of him bein an Unversed and all...but i think that Ven and DS...
  16. Marx15

    Org 13 - Number 2

    Ive been goin over everything ive seen about Xigbar, and ive noticed a couple of things: -Pointed Ears -Yellow Eye(s) Usually from wat has been seen from KH, people with yellow eyes had submitted to the darkness...and that they were a major villain of the main character(s). So wat im...
  17. Marx15

    Neverland - Indians???

    I was lookin through some pics of BbS, and i saw the backgroun of this one...and its the inside of a tipi, so does that mean that the Indian Chief will be in the world? http://heartstation.org/gallery/birth-by-sleep/birth-by-sleep-screenshots/image/595/OnGvrZ7p814Eqn1LbO6y2HNZ938xxsB5.jpg
  18. Marx15

    BbS World - Final Fantasy

    Hey, I'm new to the forums, and I was thinkin about different worlds that would be cool in BbS...and I was thinkin it might've been cool if they have a Crisis Core World. It would be awesome if u cud fight alongside zack. I'd like as much feedback from u guys on this topic....and if i posted...