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  1. Sephiroth0812

    Anniversary time

    Normally I refrain from making a big fuss about the join date, but this year around I realized (two days late actually) that there's a milestone involved. I joined this community on October 22, 2010, a whopping decade ago when if I recall correctly Birth by Sleep was the then big topic of the...
  2. Sephiroth0812

    Possible new Area in Daybreak Town?

    So I was just browsing for some pics in regards to Daybreak Town and came across this highly interesting location here: I've already noticed several possible interesting observations and "easter-eggs" but if this is part of an official update I'd rather wait until it is "out" so to say.
  3. Sephiroth0812

    Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires - Sephy's custom characters box

    I know the Dynasty Warriors series in general is more of a niché phenomena although recent new "spin off"-titles like Hyrule Warriors made the Musou-game genre more well known, yet the "Empires"-expansion which exists for both Dynasty and Samurai Warriors is even more obscure mainly because it...
  4. Sephiroth0812

    KH Twitter reveals another possible Traitor

    Guys and gals, it is official now, the Traitor may NOT be found solely among the five Foretellers according to the official KH Twitter account: For completion's sake I'll post the other five as well: Going by this, I guess we can eventually expect a seventh picture featuring Luxu?
  5. Sephiroth0812

    Observations on Ventus' possible role/connection to Unchained X and the chi-era.

    As of recently Nomura has been quite a tease about some involvement or connection of Ventus in regards to Unchained X/the chi-era, both by including him twice on a piece of concept art, the 3rd Anniversary card for browser-chi and the 1st Anniversary sketch for Unchained X as well as some...
  6. Sephiroth0812

    Theory: Master Aced is strictly spoken A Traitor, but not the DEFINITIVE Traitor

    I have made this very same post already yesterday in the X[chi]-Finale thread but considering it moves rather fast due to much general discussion about the latest Story update I'd thought it might be better to give this batch of thoughts and interpretations I made an own thread. Mainly to see if...
  7. Sephiroth0812

    Alan Rickman passed away

    The year isn't even 20 days old and yet we lose another well known celebrity: Alan Rickman dies at 69. Seems like the cause is yet again cancer, the thing that might really be called fittingly the "scourge of humanity"...
  8. Sephiroth0812

    *Looks at registered date*

    October 22, 2010 it says... which means I've been part of this crazy, but awesome community for five years by now. Man, time flies... In all that time around here I made some really great acquaintances and friends with whose I would make neat discussions and debates that occasionally also...
  9. Sephiroth0812

    4 years already? Time flies...

    When looking at the current date I realized that today I completed the fourth year of my membership here. (Does that mean I'm now counted among the old guard? *ggg*). These were some turbolent but for the most part enjoyable four years where I made quite some friends, participated in countless...
  10. Sephiroth0812

    News ► Re: CoM HD Screenshots

    Re: CoM HD Screenshots Looks like Famitsu has released some new screenshots of Re: CoM for the HD ReMix here: Famitsu-Article.
  11. Sephiroth0812

    Short question about placing Link Portals

    When I want to place an own Link Portal somewhere I have to assign Dream Eaters to it (obviously). However, does that mean I lose those Dream Eaters and cannot use them myself anymore? This would require quite some consideration to make which ones to use.
  12. Sephiroth0812

    Two years...

    ...and one month since I first set foot in this community. I'm sort of surprised it has been already that long, and even more so that I actually forgot the true 2year-mark and only realized it a month later. <__< It has probably to do with the severely increased stress I had for the last six...
  13. Sephiroth0812

    Kingdom Hearts Melodies&Memories Update - More BBS

    Hey fellow fans, the website for the 10th Anniversary OST has updated again with more BBS-tracks: KINGDOM HEARTS 10th ANNIVERSARY FAN SELECTION -Melodies & Memories- | SQUARE ENIX In addition to Vanitas' battle theme "Enter the Darkness" we get now: - Dearly Beloved ~ BBS Version - Terra's...
  14. Sephiroth0812

    A Message from Hashimoto and Shimomura!

    Yeah, I surfed around a bit in the Square Enix EU-blog again, and there it is, the final announcement of KH: Dream Drop Distance for Europe, complete with a short address to the fans from Producer Shinji Hashimoto and Music Composer Yoko Shimomura. One more day to KINGDOM HEARTS 3D! | SQUARE...
  15. Sephiroth0812

    Small Update: Nintendo Ibérica decides not to distribute DDD in Spain.

    The Blog entry of the Product Information about Dream Drop Distance has updated: Product Information for KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [updated] | SQUARE ENIX Apparently, due to the announcement that the spanish and italian subtitles would be excluded, Nintendo Ibérica has announced not to distribute...
  16. Sephiroth0812

    EU Version of DDD only with English, French and German subtitles.

    I was just browsing the EU-blog of SquareEnix and it does look like that Europe is not only missing out on a special edition or any 10th Anniversary special but also on some subtitles: Product Information for KINGDOM HEARTS 3D | SQUARE ENIX According to this, only the UK, France and Germany...
  17. Sephiroth0812

    Massive KH3D Site Update!

    KH3D Site Update: Characters, Images + more! - Kingdom Hearts Insider
  18. Sephiroth0812

    The KH Abbreviations-Compilation

    Who doesn't know this issue, the fandom is theorizing, debating or just explaining things and it happens: Countless forms of abbreviations get thrown around and while some may be wide known by now some are not so much. Newbies may be even thrown completely off sometimes by our nerd-speech, so...
  19. Sephiroth0812

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Hearts in Unison (Chapter 68 posted)

    Well, yeah, this is the very first step I take into the field of Fanfiction-writing around here. And it is in fact my very first story both in English (as I'm native German) as well as in Kingdom Hearts. It takes off a bit after the scenes in Blank Points when Kairi gives Sora the good luck...
  20. Sephiroth0812

    Needing some hints for Mysterious Figure

    Well, I searched back at least 10 pages and didn't found a MF-help thread so I decided to just make up a new one. Backstory is that I recently finally finished Final Episode (had not much time on hand) and then reloaded my Terra-Save to take on the secret bosses. After 7 to 8 tries I found out...