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  1. RememberRoxas

    Reconnect being the final one?

    Tell me if i got this right. MX watched over Ventus, using him to create the X-Blade(what was the point of that? Could it open Kingdom Hearts?) MX turned into Terrasnort and in turn claimed himself Xehasnort. Ventus extracted his heart and gave it to Sora and then Xehsnort was destroyed but his...
  2. RememberRoxas

    Wireless network problems.

    So my computer is hooked up to a wireless Belkin G router. I've set the wireless network up but when I try to connect to it with the Wii, this is what happens: I'll see my SSID on the Wii, but when I connect to it and do a connection test, it says unable to connect to the Internet. What's wrong?
  3. RememberRoxas

    Skate series.

    After the release of Tony Hawk Ride,(and the criticism after it's relase) The Skate series is the Tony Hawk succesor. So let's talk about this wonderful series. I'm getting Skate 2 for Xmas, and I have Skate It for the Wii. The DS version is really good too.
  4. RememberRoxas

    CnC on my sig?

    I worked well over an hor on this and I thiknk it turned out good. What are your thoughts? EDIT: Its too big. Let me resize,
  5. RememberRoxas

    What has made your day?

    What has recently made your day or atleast made you laugh? Heres mine: I was on Kotaku and I was reading the comments about the EA Active store and someone asked" Why is there a moped in there?"(There was a moped in the middle of the store.) There reply is:"It gives them soething to look a after...
  6. RememberRoxas

    Youtube channel exchange

    Title says all. Post your youtube channels and I'll check 'em out and subscribe to all(wouldnt mind some in return xD) Im not advertising my youtube or anything, as it is suckish. YouTube - CarlitoRproductions's Channel
  7. RememberRoxas

    Possible theory for Snow White world.

    This is what I think will go down in the Snow White world. Terra comes over looking for MX.That girl in front of the mirror (forgot her name.)offers to help him under one condition.Destroy Snow White. (This explains the conversation after Snow White is seen in the coffin.) Aqua's finds out about...
  8. RememberRoxas

    Thoughts on Mickey'scutscene?

    In the trailer we saw Mickey on a book and going down a spiraling water thingy (forgot what it's called.) What are your thoughts on this? I was thinking maybe it was a test assigned by Yen Sid.
  9. RememberRoxas

    KH2FM+ Translation guide.

    http://www.stanford.edu/~darthur/kh2.pdf I found this link and its very helpful for people who don't understand Japanese, but want to play KH2FM+.
  10. RememberRoxas

    Rate the last movie you saw.

    Title says it. "9" 8/10 It was pretty cool, not that much action as I expected but still pretty cool.
  11. RememberRoxas

    Namines existence...

    K heres the thing.My brother sold his DS for Super Mario Galaxy.He barely played it.I did.So now i can't play 358/2. Anyways i was watching the final boss battle in english(ROM version...)and Namine said something about coming from Sora and Roxas. Weren't you guys shocked about...
  12. RememberRoxas

    What do you do to stay in shape?

    Title says all. I have EA Active and I've burnt plenty of calories on it.I also go outside alot.I ride my skateboard and sometimes ride my ripstick. Hopefully not ALL of you spend all your time on these forums, right?
  13. RememberRoxas

    Fanfiction ► Excerpt from upcoming KH fanfic.

    So i'm making a fanfic that should be completed by next month or so, and I've got the main idea for the story in my head.So i'll post an excerpt from a chapter not too far into the story.Alot will be changed when my story really come out because i don't want to reveal too much.CnC is welcome...
  14. RememberRoxas

    So i'm thinking of making a fanfic...

    I'm thinking up a story for a KH fanfic.I need some character names.Maybe even your user names. Also, do you think a story could be more descriptive in first preson perspective or third person?
  15. RememberRoxas

    First GIMP sig.

    Watcha think? I used dark blue and yellow because i thought yellow would match wih the keyblade and i chose dark blue because i din't want to use black.I kinda freestyled with the grunge brushes and stuff, so i know some people won't like that. But anyways GIMP is waaaay better than...
  16. RememberRoxas

    Halo 3 ODST real life trailer!

    YouTube - Halo 3: ODST Live Action Trailer! Looks insane.Sadly, i have no more interest in 360s as mine is broken and im not getting another till Microsoft fixes their problem.
  17. RememberRoxas

    My sig!

    Hey guys what do you think of my sig?Can you give me some advice if you think i need to improve?Do I need more objects in it? Also, the mickey picture was in black and white, so i had to color it myself.Took some time. Well just tell me what aspects of the picture I need to improve on.I can take...
  18. RememberRoxas

    Zero gear...(Possible gameplay spoilers)

    So i was on kingdomhearts.wikia and i read that the Zero Gear would turn a characters weapon into their signature weapon.(Like in Xemnas's cases,his lightsabres)So i was wondering,besides Roxas,do Org. 13 members get there weapon appearance chaged when they use gears?
  19. RememberRoxas

    What to get for a good gaming PC?

    So my mom's fiancee went to me a few weeks ago and asked me: "Hey do you want one of those top-notch gaming computers for christmas?" I said yes of course and he said i have to get good grades and he wants it custom.So what are some things that are useful for a computer? No need to worry about...
  20. RememberRoxas

    Rep Limit?

    Why is there a rep limit for every 24 hours?I like to give rep to people who help me out or post a thread or a reply that makes me happy. And what is the rep limit?Like 3 rep a day?