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    Music for thought

    I decided to try something new and aim for vintage style not fond of my forte. One of the first pieces I have begun to appreciate of myself in a while.
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    She has me bursting at the seams

    <3 Rachel Mcadams Haven't messed with splatters in a while.
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    Don't play with fire

    My entry for Sotw. Text has never really been my strong point...
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    Apparently the new Brazilian dance thang. Super hilarious. WARNING, a little suggestive. NSFW. http://www.youtube.com/verify_age?next_url=http%3A//www.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DfiKHzS5Pl7I
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    No C required.

    So I came across this stock. And I got this nagging feeling to see someone/anyone do something with it. I have no inspiration right now and thought that you cool kids could show everyone else your true colors. EAT IT UP.
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    So um,

    Yeahhhhh. Current. Decided to go simple with this one.
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    Healing Vision, get your ass over here

    I've got a bone to pick with you. Now we're even :]
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    Save the Nature!

    Learned a few things about smudging and decided to put it to effect. V2
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    Because I've got the time

    Entry for Culture Shock. You know what to do. V2
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    I'll draw the skies.

    Re-envision some color. C/C
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    Gun the Sound

    So I entered Eli's remake-a-sig event and came up with this baby: It sort of reminded me of some old scrapbook style, but I really like it. C?
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    Music is an angry machine;

    Latest n current. Probably first time ever working with wireframes. Seean'see.
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    CHARLIE baby; ColdSteeltoFlesh

    It's Christmas. I would've gotten you that leash, but I decided to settle for this. Hit the double C's.
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    And Around We'll Go

    So I was experimenting with the polar coordinates tool (also to experiment with abstract cause of the tournament) and I ended up with these 2. C/C please and thanks.
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    A short film directed by Wade Robinson starring Robert Hoffman. YouTube - I?
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    I've got Sun on my Shine.

    & I love it. C&C is a cool guy. Maybe you guys should get acquainted. ;]
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    Give and Take

    Did this a while back, but never publicized it because I didn't really care for it. :/ Up for grabs. Oh and shoot some C&C if you have the heart to.
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    Plug It In

    Man, I have been splash-dehydrated for a while. Utilized some online tutorials! For blogging purposes. C&C please!
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    Smudge/pen tutorial?

    Can anyone refer me to a tutorial that shows how to achieve similar smudge/pen effects as seen in the signatures below?
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    Eureka Seven Movie

    Has anyone seen seen the Eureka Seven Movie: Pocket Full of Rainbow? I mean, I know it isn't officially out in NA, but has anyone seen the Japanese film itself, or (which I doubt) subs? 交響詩篇エウレカセブン : ãƒ&#157;ケットã&#129;Œè™¹ã&#129;§ã&#129;„ã&#129;£ã&#129;±ã&#129;„