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  1. Passion

    the engineering game!

    since it's a new year for new posts on the forums, let's count how many times Dogenzaka mentions he's an engineer/engineering student! and to add to it, let's count how many times Victor decides to call him out on it. bonus points for finding people who aren't Dogen who mention they're an...
  2. Passion

    what the fuck is going on here?

    where the quality threads be?
  3. Passion

    2014 Gaming Resolutions

    I know it's already a week into the new year buuuuuuuuuuuut... We all have them! Mine's mostly to clear out some backlog and begin my journey into the wonderful world of PC gaming. What are some of yours for this year? TcEHWFV0YwE
  4. Passion


    and all the haters/gators can suck my balls
  5. Passion

    New Year's Resolutions

    2014!! - say I'll lose weight but fail to go through with it - post 14 selfies in the post your pic thread - finally eat flamin hot cheetos - idk, school - fuck bitches - get money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  6. Passion

    Fanfiction ► Works in Progress

    So I figured I'd make a little thread highlighting the multiple things that I'm working on reminiscent to my "sneak preview♥" thread (but with a lot more content). I guess this can also help me evaluate what kind of things people on the forums want to see from me in terms of content. Please feel...
  7. Passion

    Let's talk grammar

    These things are driving me crazy and I think a few of you just need a little reminder. You're v.s. Your You're = you are "Wow Sora," Goofy began, "you're the bee's knees!" Your = belonging to you "Wow Sora, your hair is so hard to draw," Namine said. * You're =/= Your * DON'T DO: "Wow...
  8. Passion

    we should all take lessons from this drag queen

    and learn how to turn a bad situation around
  9. Passion

    Fanfiction ► A Beautiful Little Fool - ATTACK ON TITAN/SNK [one shot]

    ATTENTION: This one shot does contain Attack on Titan/SNK spoilers for episode 21 (I believe?) so please exercise some judgement and proceed with caution :3 I wrote this because I was bored in my geology class and I didn't want to take notes so I hope you enjoy...
  10. Passion

    Confessions of an Ex-Moderator

    Blois5nlAZ0 being a mod is haaaaaard.
  11. Passion

    What Inspires You?

    Hey everyone! For a while now, previous moderators (including myself) have tried to find ways to revitalize the CW forum. From creative writing critiques to contests, we've been trying to find ways to bring more activity to this cozy part in the forums. I do feel, however, that I can't make...
  12. Passion

    I've been here how long?

    That moment when you've finally reached 4000 posts after 4 years. I've finally reached the point where I've contributed 4000 things to say in this forum... Wow. Is it bad that I remember when posts in FI used to count? Or when people would literally count down the number of posts it took until...
  13. Passion

    Bus Driver caught doing what?

    Passenger records bus driver masturbating while stuck in traffic ahaha, what?
  14. Passion

    Fanfiction ► FFOTW- Official Voting Thread

    We've narrowed it down to two wonderful candidates for our Valentine's Day theme! Originally this was supposed to go up Monday, but some last minute judging was required to come to this decision. Thanks so much for all the entries and please feel free to vote on these lovely pieces! The next...
  15. Passion

    Fanfiction ► The New Fanfiction of the Week! (Week 1 RESULTS IN)

    ATTENTION fellow writers! Have you recently found yourself devoid of inspiration, staring at a white, blank page with no incentive to write fanfictions anymore? Do you just want more reason to expand your writing skills? Well look no further! The Creative Writing Section would like to...
  16. Passion

    Creative Writing, are you bored?

    Have you recently found yourself in a jam? You just can't seem to write something due to 1) lack of inspiration or 2) lack of incentive? Then look no further! The lovely Site Staff, here at KHI, is hosting their Annual Holiday Contest. Why does this matter to CW? First of all, its a...
  17. Passion

    Fanfiction ► Young Justice: Compilation

    Okay, so I don't know if people on this forum like Young Justice or not. Either way, I just wanted to have a place to put all my fics in (other than tumblr and the occassional fanfiction.net). It doesn't matter if you like DC Comics, Young Justice, or not. It's just a matter of reading...
  18. Passion

    Christian Bale Visits Aurora Victims

    While you all bicker over gun control and what not, I just wanted to let you guys know that this just happened. Batman actor Christian Bale visits victims, hospital personnel - The Denver Post It's nice to see that he did this on his own. He's not representing the movie, Warner Brothers, or...
  19. Passion

    Fanfiction ► I Want to Linger (NDND Fic)

    Okay, so first and foremost: I'm sure not many of you know what No Dawn, No Day is. So before you read this, I highly recommend you read NDND first because its where all of the content covered in this fiction is from. Basically, NDND is the best Batman-centric fiction period. Even Brian Q...
  20. Passion

    stelle, we're here to kick your ass

    so basically, Celtis and I are here to claim KHI's title for most kawaii, awesome, power couple. in order to rival the infamous stelle we need a nickname that is worthy for such an amazing duo so we've got some options for you folks (because obviously you should care and vote...). I mean, we're...