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  1. catcake

    Why don’t sora have dual weilding like roxas?

    Sora does have dual wield tho. He uses it outside forms too, like in the final Xemnas fight in KH2 where he uses his own and Riku's keyblades at the same time. My guess would be that he simply chooses not to most of the time in KH2. Doesn't fit his fighting style, perhaps. He's used to fighting...
  2. catcake

    Help/Support ► Cleaning stuff. (We all have to..) Any tips/tricks guys?

    Hmm what is it called in english, compressed air in small cans? Anyway, that's really good. Haven't cleaned any of my own consoles but we tried to revive my friend's PS2 last year for a long time, and the air can really helped. It took some time and the console is still not 100% reliable, but it...
  3. catcake

    Beating The Mysterious Figure in BBS

    All I can say is try to change your commands a bit, maybe? Based on my observations the attacks he chooses depend on that. The best attack he can do that is very easy to dodge and that leaves him open is the fire X thingy. And he seems to do it if you have fire commands on. That's my guess at...
  4. catcake

    Help/Support ► I often feel really unwanted (not your fault)

    I have the memory of a goldfish so I really only remember seeing some of your recent posts and thinking you're funny so I figured I don't have much to add to this thread but ended up just... coming here to say that anyway xD I remember you being around for a longer time but surely you can't have...
  5. catcake

    If you had to suffer one of the BBS's Fates.

    I voted Ven as soon as i saw the word "sleep" but now that I think about it I think I'd choose Aqua instead. I doubt I'd be able to handle it as well as she has, but I'd still like to try. I'd rather be in control of my own faith, than unable to do anything but sleep and wait for someone else to...
  6. catcake

    RUMOR: Fantasia confirmed by PlayStation Magazine?

    Fantasia world? Yes please. Not really excited if we're really getting another split characters game, I'd prefer just Sora, but it's not the worst thing that could happen either. Not ideal but I could live with it. I suppose it could cover more of the story, having stuff happen at the same time...
  7. catcake

    Fanfiction ► Inchoate Reflection (Kingdom Hearts)

    Mmmm a good chapter, such conflicting feels for everyone. I love how Riku is being all hmph I don't care but he actually went through the trouble to get to Namine to talk things out preeetty fast. He totally cares. I see you caring, boy. Just gotta eliminate Diz now. Stab the fucker. And then...
  8. catcake

    News ► The World Ends With You -Final Remix- announced for the Nintendo Switch

    Re: The World Ends With You Final Remix announced for the Nintendo Switch New TWEWY content, nice! Time to replay the DS game since I don't have Switch. This gives hope for it being in KH3 too, not a fan of how it was handled in DDD but maybe this time it'll be better! I want to believe.
  9. catcake

    Unused magic commands found within Kingdom Hearts 0.2

    I'm really excited for a water spell! Always wanted that. I hope it's useful, I love water magic. Combinations sound interesting I guess, if they can make it work so that there's actually a reason to do it.
  10. catcake

    Fanfiction ► Inchoate Reflection (Kingdom Hearts)

    I'd write something insightful here but I'm ded so I can't. I can't handle some parts of this, like for example everything between the start and the finish.
  11. catcake

    RUMOR: Screenshots of Monsters Inc. world in Kingdom Hearts 3 potentially leaked?

    Idk about this but I'd be 100% up for Monsters Inc, it's one of those few films I have childhood nostalgia for. Loved that PS1 (I think?) game too. Sora's design looks awful and obviously this is nowhere near the Toy Story world quality but an early development version? Eh. Maybe.
  12. catcake

    Things You Love and Hate In KH2.

    I love absolutely everything except for: - If you pause the game during a musical you have to redo it - Hades Paradox Cup 15k points - Dragon Xemnas - "Defeat 50 forms within 40 seconds!" - That one mushroom that's outside Twilight Mansion can diddly off - That one cringy cutscene in HB with...
  13. catcake

    Expert mode advice

    If you're going for the post-game content and extra bosses and such pick staff, otherwise shield. Staff gives you extra MP which you can't get otherwise, which makes a lot of the late stuff easier. Shield gives better abilities faster, so if you want to get Second Chance definitely go for...
  14. catcake

    Fanfiction ► Inchoate Reflection (Kingdom Hearts)

    Re: Inchoate Reflection [Kingdom Hearts] Ohhhh my god each chapter just keeps getting better I love this.... This actually makes sense. He's actually not dumb as fuck. Beause he's not supposed to be!! This is so much more realistic, I love it when the plot moves forward without relying on...
  15. catcake

    Freezing the bubbles in HB

    Yes. I'm pretty sure it's Dark Matter you get, though. It's a neat detail, stuff like that is what KH3 should have more of again.
  16. catcake

    Fanfiction ► Inchoate Reflection (Kingdom Hearts)

    Re: Inchoate Reflection [Kingdom Hearts] Yayy update! I wonder where he's going such cliffhanger much suspense. Probably to Atlantica to sing a musical, isn't that what Sora always does in times of distress. Next chapter will be a musical, looking forward to it. Maybe Ricky is there too and...
  17. catcake

    News ► S.H. Figuarts Kingdom Hearts 2 Donald is now available for pre-order from AmiAmi!

    Wow that actually looks really good, finally no weird creepy faces. Too bad we're never really getting any cool stuff in EU, but good for those who can get him.
  18. catcake

    Fragmentary Passge difficulty question

    Wow, I see this comment and think "what a good opinion this stranger has" of course it was you smh. But yes, 0.2 crit is no fun. Who ever thought removing enemy drops was a good idea, just makes it more boring and forces you to use items to be able to do anything fun OH but wait you can't use...
  19. catcake

    358/2 Days...without Xion?

    It would be so much better. Roxas already has his friendship with Axel, Xion really didn't bring anything important to that dynamic. Without all the useless forced drama we could have had more time to get to know the other members, maybe even have some Roxas&Namine interaction that would have...
  20. catcake

    Fanfiction ► Inchoate Reflection (Kingdom Hearts)

    Re: Inchoate Reflection [Kingdom Hearts] AAaaAA here we goooo that was such a good chapter even better than what I expected and my favorite so far in every way. I like your Roxas the best. He's so good. I like how even though he wasn't really close to any of the other members, half of them just...