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  1. luna1017

    About the stuff Dream Eaters eat...

    Since Spirits eat nightmares, are the stuff you feed them during the game made up of nightmares? And since those foods raise their strength and defense and stuff, then does that mean different nightmares are nutritious? And earlier, I saw this fan art that got me thinking: since Spirits feed...
  2. luna1017

    Spirit disposition

    I'm trying to get Me Me Bunny's disposition to change to Bruiser so I can get HP Boost on my ability link. Disposition's currently Hopper, and I don't understand the FAQ on GameFAQS. Help. D:
  3. luna1017

    Some questions on trophy-getting

    I'm currently trying to unlock 10 trophies to get the Secret Ending. I already got 8 of them(finishing the story, 2000 Drop points, first place in every Flick Rush cup, killing 2500 Dream Eater, collecting 5000 munny, saving 20 photos, linking with Spirits 50 times amd defeating 50 enemies with...
  4. luna1017

    The character most likely to die

    This is just a little something my classmate and I talked about awhile ago that got me wondering this. I doubt that KHIII will have a completely sugar coated ending. Someone's bound to die. If they don't die because it's a KH game, then they'll most likely get locked or trapped somewhere forever...
  5. luna1017

    Help/Support ► I need help from those of you who use a Genius i405

    I was wondering how the size of the tablet's 4x5.5 inch screen affects the drawings on your computer. If I draw a line across the whole tablet screen, will it cover the whole computer screen or just an area the size of the 4x5.5 inch tablet screen? Just wanted to be sure. Thanks in advance...
  6. luna1017

    Dream Eaters that look fammilar...

    Is it just me or did Ghostabocky(and while we're at it, Jestabocky) seem based-off a Boo from the Mario Games and Sir Kyroo off Frog from Chrono Trigger? Yeah, I noticed how a Ghosta/Jestabocky was a ghost that sticks its tongue out and Sir Kyroo was a knightly frog(and Lord Kyroo even talks in...
  7. luna1017

    Sparkly? Feisty?...

    What are those? I know it's like a floor type but exactly what is a sparkly floor, a bumpy a floor, a feisty floor and etc.?
  8. luna1017

    Before Xion Came

    This is a question of curiosity. Before Xion became the third person in Axel and Roxas's trio, who did you think it was? I've always seen them as a duo but I've seen a couple of fanworks that have Demyx as the third guy.
  9. luna1017

    Strongest Keyblade?

    What's the strongest Keyblade?
  10. luna1017

    Star Seeker?

    Remember when Heartless attacked Mickey and friends in the Castle? Then they tried to get out but found out they were locked in? Mickey pulled out Start Seeker when he attacked the Heartless. But I thought he was using Kingdom Key D and that Star Seeker was with Sora. Did he get it back or...
  11. luna1017

    Need help

    1. How do view your trophies? 2. To get one of the trophies, you have to finish World 1 in a certain time. Does World 1 mean Destiny Islands or Destiny Islands world card 3. So to unlock the Secret ending, you need to get 20 trophies before the final boss. What are the 20 trophies that are...
  12. luna1017

    Pluto and the letter.

    (Was it even a letter?) So at the start of COM, Sora, Donald and Goofy are walking. Then they see Pluto carrying a letter with the King's seal. Then they start chasing him. Then bla...bla... Castle Oblivion.... Anyway, what was in that letter? Was it even a letter? What happened to it? Thanks in...
  13. luna1017

    SPARKLE SPARKLE! (Just a question about Xion's death)

    Why did she have a sparkly crstalized death? I've played and finished Days yet until now, I still don't understand why she died like that. Thanks in advance to whoever answers my question.
  14. luna1017

    This is a question about Sora, Riku, Aqua, AtW and the Dark Meridian

    So after the machine exploded, AtW was sent to the dark meridian, right? And Aqua has been in the Dark Meridian for 12 years right? And at the end of KH2, Sora and Riku find themselves in the dark meridian. So... why didn't they meet eachother? If Sora and Riku were at the same dark beach where...
  15. luna1017

    Just one question about Ienzo

    Is he mute or something? He didn't say a word in BBS. So is he mute or did he just not feel like talking? Thanks to anyone who answers this.
  16. luna1017

    Heart collection

    So on a lot of missions, you're supposed to fight Emblem heartless. Collecting hearts and emblems are what's keeping me from getting Sora's Sacrifice. I defeat all the heartless, but never fill the bar. am I supposed to chain or something?
  17. luna1017

    Something I never understood

    This has been bugging me for the longest time, now. Okay. So Marluxia and Larxene were trying to use Namine to get Sora, right? The underground members weren't sure about that until later in the game. But they still knew, right? So my question is why did the underground members have to do...
  18. luna1017

    What do you think would have happened....

    ...... if Namine used her powers to rewrite Marluxia and company's memories?? I know it's a dumb question but I was always wondering why Namine had to go along with Marluxia's plans and rewrite Sora and company's memories when she could just rewrite some of Marluxia's memories? So what do you...
  19. luna1017

    Download TAV's themes??

    Does anyone know where I can download Terra, Ventus and Aqua's themes for free???
  20. luna1017

    Ain't it just CUTE??

    I just read on KHwiki that Ienzo's parents are dead and Ansem adopted him. :36::36::36::36: So does anyone find it cute that little Ienzo is Ansem's adopted son??? His parents are dead! No wonder he's so quiet!!