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  1. catcake

    Procrastination and how to beat it

    Yeah. I'm sure we're all familiar with this, some more than others. Got that essay waiting... should go out and exercise... but somehow when you look at the clock after 10 minutes of chilling, gathering energy and all that, you notice it has actually been 2 hours. I personally love being lazy...
  2. catcake

    AS Zexion reaction command?

    So I know that people always complain about the 2.5 Xemnas fight, but does anyone else have trouble with AS Zexion's RC in the book world? I mean, when I watch some videos of it, the reaction command always appears when the book has 1HP left. For me it's completely random, sometimes it appears...
  3. catcake

    Hi there. And stuff.

    Ha, it's been yeeeears since I've last been here, so many that I can't even remember my old username. I was like 12 or something so it was probably lame anyway. But yeah, I'm a hopefully soon-to-be art student (if I manage to get in), who likes games and art and stuff. I've been playing KH since...