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    KH music plagiarized in Dragon Ball Kai?

    In episode 120 of Dragon Ball Kai during the Majin Buu saga, music plays during Vegeta's sacrifice that sounds suspiciously similar to "Fantasia Alla Marcia" from Kingdom Hearts 2. Dragon Ball Kai (@0:10 and 0:31) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVbhBek_pwE Kingdom Hearts 2 (@1:04)...
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    What even IS this game?

    I can barely find any information about what this game is all about and how it plays, because of its limited availability in Japan. It's free to play, but is it an MMO, or a single contained story? Is it even possible to write a detailed plot summary, or does it even have an ending? Are the...
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    The little things

    Unpopular opinions, things you don't like...too many threads actively criticize this series nowadays. How about we sit back and look at the little things in the series that we just love? Either subtle details, or just stuff we've noticed that nobody else seems to notice. For me, it's gonna be...
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    Aqua in Castle of Dreams

    Aqua needed to help Jaq get the key to Cinderella's room to unlock it. Then she's praying that he does it in time before the duke leaves. Couldn't she have just done it herself? Can't the Keyblade do that?
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    The Mystery of "It's A Small World"

    So here's something I've noticed ever since I listened to the soundtrack for 2.5. It was discovered within the disc a while back, a "re-orchestrated" version of It's A Small World for BBS's Ice Cream Beat minigame. This is claimed by Everglow and GuardianSoul, the ones who ripped the music from...
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    About halfway through Terra's playthrough, question...

    What happens to all my commands and items when I beat Terra's story and start Ven's? Do they just reset, or do I keep anything at all? The 3 campaigns are relatively short so it'd suck to grind for awesome commands for Terra, and complete all the minigames with him, only to have to do them all...
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    Title logo meaning

    Here is the logo for KH1: Notice how while there are a couple of sharp edges, it's mostly more curved and droopy with very dark, bleak colors. This makes it resemble Heartless. Now here's the logo for KH2: The letters have much sharper edges, some having different designs altogether...
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    Mushroom XIII

    How are you supposed to beat Mushroom 3 at Rank S? I've tried everything, I have Follow the Wind equipped, along with every Draw ability, AND a Draw Ring. I have all Growth abilities, fully leveled, yet I can only get around 475 orbs because for some reason, gliding over the orbs doesn't let me...
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    My KH3 theory

    So Lea has a keyblade now, and Kairi is going to have one as well. We know there are going to be 7 pieces of light, but we don't know what those pieces are. My theory is that the game will be similar to BBS, in that there are 3 separate playthroughs. The press release has confirmed that Riku...
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    Strange glitch in 2.5

    Possibly one of the strangest glitches I've ever personally seen. When I played it on my PS3, the game was fine. Yet when I went to play it on someone else's PS3, there were no voices whatsoever in the cutscenes. During gameplay there were voices, but none in cutscenes. I tried different saves...
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    The Kingdom Key: Mickey's Keyblade?

    If the Kingdom Key is the true form of Sora's keyblade, why is Mickey's symbol on the keychain? It being called the "Kingdom Key" sounds like Disney Castle had something to do with it, so isn't this really supposed to be Mickey's keyblade? Is that why he wields the Kingdom Key D? After all...
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    Censorship patch?

    Since the Japanese version was hacked so all the English data could be extracted, couldn't the game theoretically be de-censored by copying data from the Japanese version onto the English one?
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    Has KH1 aged well compared to KH2?

    For the longest time, I defended the idea that KH1 was superior to KH2. More exploration, more original plotlines, lighter and less confusing story. But when I played it again after so many years in the 1.5 HD collection, I began to realize I just wasn't enjoying it as much. Combat feels slow...
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    Now that the game is out I imagine some of you already have it and are playing it. It's a bit early to be asking this, but could someone document any censorship edits for the NA release like many of us feared several months back when the ratings came out? EDIT: I can confirm after watching...
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    Organization XIII members: Most to least powerful?

    I remember someone saying the Ultimania lists what Org members are most powerful in relation to each other, with Xemnas and Roxas being at the top. Can anyone confirm this? If not, what do you think the list is? Sorry if this has been asked before...