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    Kingdom Hearts 3 Discussion

    Since there's gonna be a KH3 (after seeing the special ending), let's share our thoughts of the upcomming sequel! Discuss what should be improved that could surpass the the originals. Disney-movies left to be featured: The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad Robin Hood The Rescuers Pete's...
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    What if Riku died? Will you be...

    What will be your reaction if Riku died in KH2?
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    The Organization or XIIth Order?

    At first, the Nobody-group was first known as the Organization in CoM. But now it seems the group name has somehow changed to the XIIth Order and that's that. Is XIIth Order the real name of the Organization or will the XIIth Order change to the Organization once game is translated? Do not...
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    My thoughts of the new trailers...

    Here's my thoughts about the newest trailers: STOP SPOILING THE KICK-ASS GAME!!!!!!! I mean, C'MON! It reveals way too much about the game! The more they show, the more the story would be figured out by the fans! Though I didn't mind at the start, but now this is getting scandalous! They're...
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    The difference between The Heartless and The Nobodies?

    It's been bugging me in ages and I need to know: What's difference between The Heartless and The Nobodies (or The Unknowns)?
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    Mickey and Minnie finally truely together?

    We all know in Disney-history that Mickey and Minnie are nothing more but boyfriend and girlfriend in almost every cartoon. Since people in Disney didn't have the guts to make them married, but it's nothing wrong with that, no? But now in Kingdom Hearts, they're both king and queen over a...
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    Little scan *Joke included*

    Hmmm... Either Donald has taken it from Abu's or Iago's thievery or Daisy have cheated on him with Mushu. *Joke on the last part XD* http://kh2.co.uk/assets/images/update/donag.jpg
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    Nobodies or Unknowns? What are they?

    OK, you folks know about those Organization-people who wears those black-gray robes, right? What are they really? First I heard they're called Unknowns, but now I heard it's Nobodies. Second, I heard they're "shells" of those people who lost their strong hearts. What is true?
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    Who would be a worthy Final Boss?

    Whom do you think would be the worthy Final Boss of KH2 this time? For me, I voted for the LEAST expected.
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    Who would be a worthy Final Boss?

    DiZ/Ansem Pete BHK Riku A Organization Member (Enigmatic Man or GEU) New Enemy
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    Why Marluxia turned against the Organization *JOKE*

    Everything began in Marluxia's first day in the Organization. DiZ: ...And so you see, newcomer, that is why we, Organization, exists. Marluxia: Mm-mm-mmm, and? *totally uninterested* *SMACK* DiZ: Don't be cocky with me, buddy! I'AM YOUR BOSS, THE HEAD HUNCHO OF THE ORGANIZATION! GOT IT...
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    Walt Disney?

    At the first glance on the pictures of POTC, a strange thought came up: What if during a special event at the near end of the game that maybe Walter Elias Disney himself, the creator of Mickey Mouse, would appear? I know that maybe wouldn't be possible, but consider that Square-Enix put in...
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    Furry Sora?

    Now it is confirmed that Lion King will make appearance in KH2 (http://www.kingdomhearts2.net/news2/headlines/118799970.shtml), which come to this question: Will it be like in The Little Mermaid in the previous KH? Will Sora transform into an animal? What do you think?
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    Pirates of the Caribbean?

    From an article, it is said that Pirates of the Caribbean, and as well Captain Jack Sparrow in it, shall make an appearance in Kingdom Hearts 2. I was like: WHAT THE HELL!? THAT'S FRICKING AWESOME! I didn't know that Square-Enix will pull a none-animated Disney movie in the mix too! Anyone...
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    Aerith no more?

    I thought about something... In Final Fantasy 7, Aeris was killed by getting a blade inpaled by Sephiroth. In KH2, will Aerith be dead thanks to Sephiroth? In that case Cloud would be alot more bitter than before and Sora & co. would in a shocking surprise. Note: I do not deslike Aerith/Aeris...
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    Who would be a worthy Final Boss?

    Ansem Pete BHK??? New Villain
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    After BHK, Come Sora? *Minor Spoilers*

    Ok, here's a theory... In some pic of KH2, BHK was ready to battle Axel, saying that he won't allow Axel to meet Sora. However. In KH: CoM, Axel do meet and battle Sora, TWICE! So here's the thought... Appearantly, BHK most have been a Keyblade Master BEFORE Sora, probably a LONG time...