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    ~ Ninja Academy - Naruto Themed ~

    Ninja Academy - Naruto Themed Background Story Ninja's of the hidden countries of fire , wave , sand , sound , lighting and earth value there lives to prosper there village.Using the hidden arts of the jutsu (Jutsus - Special Attacks)to...
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    Swap Magic (Last Ever Question on this subject i promise)

    Will swap magic let you play Backups AND imports? just trying to clear this up
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    Slide Tool With Swap Magic

    Do i need to take the front of my disk tray off to use the slide tool on the chunky version of the ps2? Or dont you? Just that i need to know :D
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    Shaun Of The Dead

    Anyone seen it? ^_^ Mic take of Dawn of the Dead, thought it was funny
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    How come my sub title was changed?

    It was origionaly Keyblade Master Why? Because i bought the right to change it in an rpg long ago so why the heck is it store keeper?
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    Need a link to all kh2 keyblades

    :D thanks
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    Final Fantasy 11 Online

    Has any actually played this game? can i have some info on it and is it released to the uk?
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    Need a NA gamesite to preorder KH2 off

    Aftersome hard work of finding knowledge on importing the NA kh2 (mostly about making my ps2 play imports) : *Credit to *twilight riku* and chaywa for the help and advice I finally need to know which is the most popular site to preorder kh2 =) which site have you guys preorder it off?
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    To all the people who imported kh2 japanese

    what sort of software did you use e.g swap magic 3.6?
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    Swap Magic 3.6 Good?

    Im (UK) and iv been thinking about buying kh2 from america and then buying swap magic 3.6 to allow me to play it. is it any good (swap magic 3.6) and does it wreck your ps2? :D If it works. IM PLAYING THAT GAME! btw another question is it compatible on the old ps2s you know the fat ones...
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    Which form (will/did) you choose first?

    Near the start of kh2 you go up to the wizards tower and you get to choose which form you want first (brave/wisdom) and then you get (wisdrom/brave) at timeless river later on. My questions is what drive would YOU choose first and WHY? I put this in spoiler because some people my not wanted...
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    What is the difference...

    between the europe version of KH2 and the NA version of KH2? words have been going round the forums that the eur version will take till 2months longer than NA if thats so i mays well just order NA would i have to buy a translater card or something
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    Ok im checking in one of the best game shops ever and on its website it says KH2 is out on 24/11/05 iv seen this for a long time and just to make sure I rang the store. Yep they said ~ to me thts its out or there getting stock in on the 24th? WHAT THE?! SO BASICLLY IT IS OUT TOMMOROW? DO NOT...
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    More spam than creative?

    I dont mean to make a big deal out of this but its getting out of hand. Nearly every thread I see theres pointless posts like "I agree with____", "Hi", "I dont think you are right" Dont get me wrong most people actually post creatively but I find that most people are just patheticly posting...
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    COM on PS2

    If you ask me Com on ps2 would of been better , there would of been no cards , no 2d , sounds and all the stuff from kingdom hearts 1 i found com so easy what do you think?
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    The fusion modes

    Hey all i have found out some cool info on the 2 fusions and ill explain and provide the source of information sooner or later : Braver(red): The Fusion Made by fusing with goofy you turn to red clothes and weild 2 keyblades a fusion for those in need of power and strength for quick kills a...
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    Images on RPG

    You Know when your sorting your RPG CP out you see some images of all final fantasy etc etc. but wheres the kingdom hearts images?! isnt this rpg meant to be about it and not one picture is there of a character:mad:
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    Before i didnt get to play riku because i hadnt complete soras story and i was thinking i have head 'rumours' about you can play him in kingdom hearts 2 and i have heard from a nomura interview that he will be Adding 2 more playable characters! becoz rikus fighting style is awesome
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    Organazation payback

    Hi in kingdom hearts 2 i know it says every org member is dead apart from axel and diz but it would be cool if they like came back and i could fight them in the kingdom hearts fighting scheme again because in CoM i really thought i couldnt kick there ass good enough by using cards... and think...
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    Since 100% intrest and the 100k this has left the rpg WITHOUT a challenge people level up 400 - 500 levels a day and get high rise of money in the bank. I know one person started at level 10 in 1 day he got fantastic weapons - armour making him level up 200 levels a day. Before this it was a...