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  1. Reika

    Pros and Cons of the Game -- Writing an Essay

    I'm working on an evaluation essay on Kingdom Hearts for my English class in college and thought I'd get some thoughts on the good and bad of the first Kingdom Hearts game. So, what do y'all believe are the pros and cons to the first game of the series? o:
  2. Reika

    Seeking active, friendly party in Vulpes

    So my sister got into this game recently and joined Vulpes with her daughter. I'm Leopardus with a fairly active and very friendly and supportive party and I would like to find a party like that for my sister and her daughter. The party she's in now isn't very active and my sister and her...
  3. Reika

    Master Ava is kicking my butt

    She beats me in 1 hit. ;; I just wanted to get to level 433 for my Divine Rose. I'm level 189 and only 40 jewels. My medals are: 6 star Sora & Donald & Goofy - STR 6731 +235 - DEF is 6699 +410 - LV 52 6 star Marluxia B - STR 6477 - DEF is 6419 - LV 37 6 star Wisdom Form Sora - STR 5799 - DEF...
  4. Reika

    .•●♣ The Terra ♥ Aqua Fanclub ♣●•.

    "My friend gave me that!" "Then you're still all right... Terra." .•●♣ Founder ♣●•. Reika .•●♣ Members ♣●•. Reika .•●♣ Reasons ♣●•. They had a lot of nice shippy moments TAV is just like a family: Terra is the daddy, Aqua's the mommy, and Ven is the son who looks...
  5. Reika

    [▉][][▉] The Zexion X Namine Fanclub [▉][][▉]

    [▉][][▉]Founder[▉][][▉] Reika [▉][][▉]Members[▉][][▉] Reika [▉][][▉]Reasons[▉][][▉] Zexion's and Namine's calm personalities would mesh well. Namine could draw the cover art of any books Zexion/Ienzo may write! They both got screwed over by Axel...
  6. Reika

    ~✬ The Aqua Fanclub ✬~

    "Together... Always." ~✬ Founder ✬~ Reika ~✬ Members ✬~ Reika ~✬ Reasons ✬~ The first female keyblade wielder. She has realistic flaws. She transformed Land of Departure into freakin' Castle Oblivion. Her sacrifice to save Terra. Badass fighting style...
  7. Reika

    Θ═☼ The Vanitas Fanclub 5.0 ☼═Θ

    "He has no control over the darkness in his heart. The Keyblade is not his to bear. He's an abomination beyond hope of salvation." Θ═☼ Founder ☼═Θ Reika Θ═☼ Members ☼═Θ Reika Θ═☼ Reasons ☼═Θ He's badass |D His evilness, tis sexy~ His abs are, too Gotta love...
  8. Reika

    ~☼ The Ventus Fanclub v.2 ☼~

    "My friends are my power... and I'm theirs!" ~☼ Founder ☼~ Reika ~☼ Members ☼~ Reika JR199913 ~☼ Reasons ☼~ He's utterly selfless Cheerful and adorable :D Cares a LOT for both of his friends Even when things go wrong, he usually has the strength to smile through it...
  9. Reika

    ◄♥The Riku & Shiki Fanclub♥►

    "Aren't you my knight in shining armor?" ◄♥Founder♥► Reika ◄♥Members♥► Reika Lanydx reborn Ruran Shinra ◄♥Reasons♥► Her flirting was adorable, as was his being flustered. We hardly ever see Riku like that, and she's one of the few to bring that side out in him...
  10. Reika

    That damned treasure chest

    So I'm playing KH3D on Proud mode for the first (and last) time, and I'm trying to get as close to 100% on it during my initial playthrough as possible. There's only one problem: I'm missing treasure chest #5 in La Cite des Cloches. Anyone know where it might be? @_@ I swear, I feel like I've...
  11. Reika

    ⋖☼ The Lion King Fanclub ☼⋗

    NOTE: Please keep all Kimba the White Lion vs The Lion King discussions civil. Any out-of-control arguments will result in your expulsion from the club. ⋖ ☼ Founder ☼ ⋗ Reika ⋖ ☼ Members ☼ ⋗ Reika|BriFTW|8298906| ⋖ ☼ Artwork ☼ ⋗
  12. Reika

    Birth by Sleep Timeline Trinity Archives

    I've compiled the timeline trinity reports from Birth by Sleep.
  13. Reika

    °~Θ═╦╗ {The Terra & Riku Friendship Fanclub} ╔╦═Θ~°

    °~Θ═╦╗ {The Terra & Riku Friendship Fanclub} ╔╦═Θ~° "Maybe coming here wasn't an accident. Maybe I was supposed to meet that boy." °~Θ═╦╗Founders╔╦═Θ~° Reika VirgilTheart °~Θ═╦╗Members╔╦═Θ~° Reika|VirgilTheart|8298906|Sign|Organization_42 KeyOfDestiny1313|AxelYoYo|madammina|Hamster...
  14. Reika

    ♥ ┌─| The XionxBed Fanclub |─┐ ♥

    What would she ever do without it? ♥ ┌─| Founder |─┐ ♥ Reika ♥ ┌─| Members |─┐ ♥ Reika|goldpanner|Watson|Zulkir|NumberVIII Oe98|Solar|8298906|NeoEevee|Sign impart-distart|AxelYoYo|VirgilTheart|silentmusic16|Absent axel| Strawberry|PrinnyGod|The Dead Skin|RelixBBS|*TwilghtNight* ♥ ┌─| Where...
  15. Reika

    ♥ |3 ♥ Terra's Butt Fanclub ♥ |3 ♥

    Shake, shake, shake! Shake, shake, shake! Shake your booty! Shake your booty! ♥ |3 ♥ Members ♥ |3 ♥ Reika|VirgilTheart|8298906|impart-distart|Araliya King Sora X|Lucius Malfoy|Smile|Strawberry|aquaftw1414 hiccupdragon| ♥ |3 ♥ Affiliates ♥ |3 ♥ Terra's Thighs Fanclub Terra's Abs Fanclub
  16. Reika

    What Keyblade is this?

    I was looking for a KH necklace, and kept coming across this one: But I don't recognize the Keyblade, and description for it didn't mention what Keyblade it was, either. I THINK I put this in the right section. xD; I ask mods to please move this if I'm wrong.
  17. Reika

    Terra the Keyblade Master?

    My apologies if this has been brought up before. I was just curious about something; I keep seeing everyone say that Terra is only qualified to be a Keyblade Master, but is not truly one because he was not given the title by another Master. And I was apart of the group that believed this. Until...
  18. Reika

    BBS Nightmare Fuel

    While reading KH's Nightmare Fuel page at TV Tropes, I began to wonder what everyone here found scary or creepy in BBS. For me, it was the tornadoes in Twister Trench. I mean, running from them, yet hearing (but not seeing) the rumbling sound of the strong winds closing in on you just freaked...
  19. Reika

    •≺The Pokémon Fanclub≻•

    A place to discuss the entire Pokémon franchise. •≺Founder≻• Reika •≺Members≻• Reika|Strawberry|VirgilTheart|Roa|Gesso *~BlackCat~*|oathkeeperriku09|chasespicer056|Lanydx reborn|SoRa-RoXaS_fan SogeUsopp114|Samber|Twilightheaven| •≺Mascot≻• Sudowoodo •≺Helpful Links≻• KHInsider's Pokémon...
  20. Reika

    Help/Support ► In need of computer help, please

    There's no sound coming from the computer. AT ALL. The sound was working just fine last night. Then I log on, and there's no sound whatsoever. I checked my volume, it's not on mute. Is there anything else that might cause this problem? EDIT: One thing I DID notice was this: when I turn the...