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  1. Dentim

    Myyyyyy Corona

    Considering the entire world is slowly but steadily going into lockdown mode, I thought maybe we could have some discussion about this. I personally work for an ambulance service at a desk function. Technically risky since those drivers come to the office as well and it's 1 open space, but...
  2. Dentim

    Dentim's Tales

    I used to write a lot, then not anymore and lately again. Figured I might as well actually post stuff and have other people read them now. :p So read, tell me what you think, (constructively) criticize and so forth. Any advice is always welcome, especially when it comes to stuff like punctuation...
  3. Dentim

    Card game materials

    I've been working for a while on a card game where players play superheroes and fight bad guys. I'm at a state where I have enough to make some mock cards to try out the badic gameplay a bit. For mock cards I'll be using some regular drawing paper (sturdier than normal paper so if possible it...
  4. Dentim

    Help/Support ► Depression

    Don't really know if there was a thread for this, so anyway. I've been depressed for a large part of my life. I've mostly learned to live with it but I've got my good periods and my bad ones. The reason I'm typing this is because I've been stuck in a bad one since monday, most of the times it...
  5. Dentim

    Help/Support ► Swollen batteries

    Hey, so I have a question for the electronics savvy people out here. Last June I bought a Galaxy S4. Thing worked fine until about a month ago, somehow the battery got swollen. While it's getting repaired (they wanted to check whether it was a bad contact in the phone itself) I went back to my...
  6. Dentim

    Ants in mah pants. Please help.

    So guys, I've been having these ants in my pants, is this normal? I mean, I haven't been near ants that I know of in a while. I heard sometimes people give other people ants in the pants, is this true? Because in that case I'm thinking someone gave me ants in the pants when I was asleep...
  7. Dentim

    My solution for everlasting world peace and all that jazz.

    Suck a dick. No wait, hear me out. I am of the opinion that we, the human race as a collective, should all suck a dick. Regardless of sexuality, gender, religion or any other kind of personal beliefs, sucking a dick is considered to be one of the most submissive things you can do. Therefore...
  8. Dentim

    Help/Support ► Formatting to FAT32

    So I bought a 1 TB external Hard drive, but I can't seem to get it formatted to FAT32. Anyone know what to do or what kinds of programs might help? Thanks in advance.
  9. Dentim

    Help/Support ► Requiring help in a personal matter.

    So the last couple of weeks I've been on a trip with a travelling group. It was great and all and the group were nice people. Then halfway through I started crushing on our group leader. She's fun, nice, great to hang around with etc,etc. She's also about 9 years older than me and wouldn't have...
  10. Dentim

    Let's all go on strike, folks!

    So today, there's a national strike. They announced road blocks (yet I just arrived at work fine but whatev) and many companies just closed down for the day. Almost no public transportation. The harbour where I work is now deserted aside from my office. People are having trouble getting to...
  11. Dentim

    3D final boss/test

    I know this is pretty early, but the idea stuck in my head so I figured why the hell not. I was thinking, if the MoM takes up the entire storyline, it stands to reason that the final boss could be part of the test (unless the game's plot gets hijacked by a villain) Yen Sid could pull a Eraqus...
  12. Dentim

    Help/Support ► I injured my asshole father

    So yeah, first a bit of background: all throughout my life he pretty much ignored me and favored the rest of my siblings. He forms opinions without even trying to get the facts straight. The way he treats me boils down to this example: I work my ass off all day long (doesn't matter what, usually...
  13. Dentim

    Belgium to receive world record in government formation. 249 days people!! (here's for a full year!)

    lol we're just getting started. So, after 249 days of negotiations and about 6 people getting competely newly created posts to find out just what the hell is going on, we're breaking the world record in creating a new government. Suck it Iraq!!! I'm gonna add that the previous government was...
  14. Dentim

    Completely new form of life discovered.

    Thought this would already be here, but apparently not. Life Built With Toxic Chemical: First Known Microbe on Earth Able to Thrive and Reproduce Using Arsenic Title kind of says it. Theoretically, this expands our search criterium for looking for life in outer space too. Discussion time :3
  15. Dentim

    Guilty pleasures.

    Just wondering, what kind of guilty pleasures you guys have when it comes to movies and tv? To those who don't know what this means (doubt there are many), a guilty pleasure is when you have something that just plain sucks, or just not supposed to be for you (like an adult watching an actual...
  16. Dentim

    The keyblades of the Graveyard

    Has it been explained what happened to all those keyblades after Birth by Sleep? Sora fights Lingering sentiment, but they're nowhere to be seen.
  17. Dentim


    It's been a while since I last picked up my pencil but here's something I quickly put together. It's kind of a respons to the Org.cloak wearing Moogles in Days. Don't really if it's supposed to be a heartless moogle or a mooglefied heartless though ;P Your thoughts? EDIT: Apparently there...
  18. Dentim

    Net neutrality

    There's recently been talk about how Sky, TB and Virgin are gonna limit the users internet acces for commercial ends. Just wanted to know how you guys think about this. Do you think there's nothing wrong with this, or should the internet remain neutral ground with everyone getting the same...
  19. Dentim

    Sora's attacks

    Does anyone know if Sora still has his old attacks, you know Sonic Blade and the others? I mean, I really liked those attacks and I don't think they should remove them.