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  1. QuintusKing

    So... who controls the Heartless at this point? And why?

    During the Heartless invasion event, Maleficent's Heartless army battle with Organization XIII's Nobody army before turning on Sora and friends. Why does she attack the trio? She has been engaged in a fight. Even the Nobodies turn on the trio too. Why do they lose interest in the Heartless when...
  2. QuintusKing

    What do high Summon levels grant?

    I've been wondering what else do high Summon levels give other than extending the Summon gauge. Does it improve the Summons' abilities too? Or does it simply grant a longer Summon time? What about Drive Forms? Is the outcome of leveling them up the same as leveling Summon?
  3. QuintusKing

    Blue Bomber!!

    Hello everyone, long time no see (if you have seen me before, that is)! I just drew an artwork for a collage in the hope of encouraging and appreciating the US branch of Capcom, Capcom-Unity. While this thread has nothing to do with that collage, I would like to share my artwork with you guys...
  4. QuintusKing

    Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] - Item (Consumable and Material) Guide

    Need help in getting items? Unsure about what they do? Having trouble finding materials? Look nowhere else; you've come to the right place! Note 1: For the best presentation of tables, change your forum skin to our newly introduced Fluid style! Note 2: This guide was created for the purpose...
  5. QuintusKing

    Kingdom Hearts: Heart of Memories

    Hello everyone, I'm QuintusKing. Nice to meet you! This is my first post in the Traditional Media, but the second in the Creative Media. Before showing you my works, I want to speak for them. Here, I would like to share my manga and posters for the Kingdom Hearts title I imgined, Kingdom...
  6. QuintusKing

    Kingdom Hearts: Heart of Memories

    Hello everyone, I'm a new member to the forums. Nice to meet you! I would like to share my game concept with you, but first and foremost, allow me to thank Solosis and Sign for guiding me to this forum so that I can share my concept with you. I really appreciate their help. Let me make an...