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  1. Ajexmi

    Original ► New Book - 'Simple & Clean: Unlocking Kingdom Hearts'

    It is with the greatest pleasure that I announce Simple & Clean: Unlocking Kingdom Hearts will release March 3rd 2022. 👑 ❤️ The book will recap and assess the entire Dark Seeker Saga. eBook pre-orders are now live, and will also be available in paperback and hardcover from 03/03/2022. Relive the...
  2. Ajexmi

    Lit ► Norse Mythology That Inspired Final Fantasy VII (book)

    Hey, FFVII fans and bookworms! Anyone heard of or read this? This was an amazing read, satisfying both my interest in learning about different folk lore and mythology but also my craving to understand the expansive story of the VII compilation. It was so accessible that even if I had known...
  3. Ajexmi

    Original ► I wrote a book on FFIX, and it's out in the wild!

    Hey people, I hope this isn't against the rules, but I just wanted to drop a vanity post to say that my book, Melodies of Life: A Final Fantasy IX Retrospect and Analysis, is out now in paperback and eBook editions (links at bottom of post). I thought I'd drop the contents...