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  1. TheBlindfoldedBirdwatcher

    Tyler Hoechlin is more suited overall than George Newbern's Sephiroth in the FFVII Remake In my honest opinion (Spoilers!)

    I say this as someone who has studied and analyzed the character for roughly 16 years. And yes, I am serious, and no, I am not trolling. I genuinely don't like Nerbern's for a few reasons. And if it might just pour oil over the fire now that it's started, I'll say that despite Lance Bass barely...
  2. TheBlindfoldedBirdwatcher

    (Spoilers!) Why Live A Live is Fundamentally Significant to Square-Enix's Legacy.

    I'm serious about this. A short while back I was going to post on one of the forums that if Square-Enix were to ever release a full-fledged Remake of Live A Live and Secret of Mana (not the typical PS4 one, I mean comb back and bring back the beta content/cut content for the Remake), in all of...
  3. TheBlindfoldedBirdwatcher

    Question: Does Anyone Want to Look at Kingdom Hearts 1 from a Retrospective?

    So... I was wondering if anyone wanted to look at Kingdom Hearts 1 from a retrospective. From my experience (A LOT) of people like looking at games from retroactive continuity or from an ongoing perspective of the story/lore. But I have found that this is often detrimental to the game for each...
  4. TheBlindfoldedBirdwatcher

    My Personal Art- Sephiroth, Squaresoft, etc.

    Well, after having a dream about taking a math class, I think God and my brain are trying to tell me something. So, I'm going to go somewhere with this: I do believe that I am an artist at heart, but I've been drifting a bit. So, anyways, here comes the dump! One thing that keeps (nearly keeps)...