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  1. TheBlindfoldedBirdwatcher

    Tyler Hoechlin is more suited overall than George Newbern's Sephiroth in the FFVII Remake In my honest opinion (Spoilers!)

    I say this as someone who has studied and analyzed the character for roughly 16 years. And yes, I am serious, and no, I am not trolling. I genuinely don't like Nerbern's for a few reasons. And if it might just pour oil over the fire now that it's started, I'll say that despite Lance Bass barely...
  2. TheBlindfoldedBirdwatcher

    The Video Game Music Thread

    Anything from Secret of Mana- especially the villain themes. The villain themes are some of the best and unique stuff I've heard on the SNES.
  3. TheBlindfoldedBirdwatcher

    Fave Disney Movie and vilian?

    Chernabog; he's brutal. (Same could be said for the Firebird in Fantasia 2000). I'm just not a fan of Scar (anymore as much), though he puts on a good poker face. I actually do prefer his depiction in The Lion King live-action film. I think Hades is less jokes and more personality than most...
  4. TheBlindfoldedBirdwatcher

    Applying Undertale Logic to Kingdom Hearts

    No, because the LV in which Sora has gained experience mostly comes from friendly fights (Wakka, Selphie, Tidus, etc.) with no deaths. The Pureblood Heartless are just the darkness of the heart personification, with instinct. And the Emblem Heartless are hearts taken from residents of the worlds...
  5. TheBlindfoldedBirdwatcher

    Film ► Lightyear - June 17th 2022

    When Buzz Lightyear said "What?", I almost immediately thought of where the main plot twist in The Empire Strikes Back will take place in this movie.
  6. TheBlindfoldedBirdwatcher

    Music ► What are you listening to?

    Okay.... .... .... Well, my tastes seem to focus on: Live A Live Remake/Live A Live at the moment: The remaster/remix of Megalomania is really good for the Remake, btw.
  7. TheBlindfoldedBirdwatcher

    Lit ► KHI Book Club - What are you currently reading?

    I literally learned just yesterday that this guy (Robert Newton) with his depiction of Long John Silver in Treasure Island in the 1950's film basically contributed to the modern idea/rendition of the pirate "accent", but it's only really because it's a sort of specific accent from England that...
  8. TheBlindfoldedBirdwatcher

    KH4 Star Wars Speculation: Only the Forest Moon of Endor?

    What? Hoo boy. Is Square-Enix in for a treat. 1. Let's start with purpose: Q: What is the purpose of Return of the Jedi's Luke character? A: To fulfill the requirement of Lucas's research and conclusions on world religions for the hero's journey and to wrap up Star Wars finally. -This entails...
  9. TheBlindfoldedBirdwatcher

    (Spoilers!) Why Live A Live is Fundamentally Significant to Square-Enix's Legacy.

    I'm serious about this. A short while back I was going to post on one of the forums that if Square-Enix were to ever release a full-fledged Remake of Live A Live and Secret of Mana (not the typical PS4 one, I mean comb back and bring back the beta content/cut content for the Remake), in all of...
  10. TheBlindfoldedBirdwatcher

    Final Fantasy IX

    Never fear! Live A Live is here! If anything, this proves that Square CAN remake a good game and make it even better. It's sort of like with FFIV's 3D Remake (which aside from some oddities/axing some quality in the plot), is really good as a remake. (Also, guess who's directing another good...
  11. TheBlindfoldedBirdwatcher

    Xehanort is pure evil

    I have found Master Xehanort to have some of the weirdest character tics in fictional media. Smiling weirdly and putting on the Jim Carrey Count Olaf eyebrow raise is one of them. ...It might also be a Sephiroth tic/reference, as Sephiroth (actually rather subtly) smiles in FFVII. I find MX to...
  12. TheBlindfoldedBirdwatcher

    Did KINGDOM HEARTS III Under-Perform?

    If we're talking about effective sales tactics, then yes, I think 5 million is good enough. If we're talking about, the game is a failure because it didn't sell well, and it MUST be a commercial success for a long period of time in order to be good, then it can please join the corner with Live...
  13. TheBlindfoldedBirdwatcher

    Coming from Kingdom Hearts, i cant help but notice some similarities with FFX

    I can see Sora coming from Zidane/Tidus. Zack on the other hand (besides Nojima writing him on his own, meaning Zack's likely his own character, unless Nojima was influenced by FFVI)... personally I think a large part of Zack (from his scenes to Midgar) comes from Baram (Billy) from FFVI- Nomura...
  14. TheBlindfoldedBirdwatcher

    Final Fantasy IX

    This is controversial, but I'm GLAD that Newbern is gone as Sephiroth. As someone who studied the character for 16 years (from the OG FFVII), Newbern was only good as a placeholder voice actor, he never really got down the character's pissed anger, arrogance, or insanity, he always seemed...
  15. TheBlindfoldedBirdwatcher

    Coming from Kingdom Hearts, i cant help but notice some similarities with FFX

    Sora's design is technically from Sion from The Bouncer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Bouncer_(video_game). If anything, Sora's an alternative take/a regression of Sion's design. Maybe it comes full circle if Noel (more mature) was based on Sora (less mature)?
  16. TheBlindfoldedBirdwatcher

    I like/dislike Final Fantasy ____ , and here's why:

    They're doing that with Stranger of Paradise, imo. I really liked FFXII, although I can also understand why some people had trouble getting into it.
  17. TheBlindfoldedBirdwatcher

    Coming from Kingdom Hearts, i cant help but notice some similarities with FFX

    That's a good point, although I'm not sure if Ansem replaced Chernabog as the big bad at the end or not at some point in development. I need to do more research some time, but I thought I remember reading (gamefaqs member testimony) that Ansem was created late into KH's development. If that's...
  18. TheBlindfoldedBirdwatcher

    Film ► Lightyear - June 17th 2022

    I'm actually looking forward to this, especially if Zurg is involved.
  19. TheBlindfoldedBirdwatcher

    Question: Does Anyone Want to Look at Kingdom Hearts 1 from a Retrospective?

    So... I was wondering if anyone wanted to look at Kingdom Hearts 1 from a retrospective. From my experience (A LOT) of people like looking at games from retroactive continuity or from an ongoing perspective of the story/lore. But I have found that this is often detrimental to the game for each...
  20. TheBlindfoldedBirdwatcher

    Coming from Kingdom Hearts, i cant help but notice some similarities with FFX

    Apparently, the answer is yes, if we mean before FFVII. Which I find to be very interesting. Koichi Ishii also mentioned in the interview that Mana was based on his idea of the crystals in the early FFs at the time.