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  1. Madam Lyssa

    Xemnas=Pedo Official thread

    For those in the KH Hardest Org boss that participated in the brief Xemnas=Pedo page(s), Here is an official thread to attack and insult the pedo-ish grin of Xemnas at Hollow Bastion. XEMNAS PEDO GRIN FROM HB >8D
  2. Madam Lyssa

    THe letter EIYTCH (Handmedown)

    Rain, drippy-drips on my windowpane. Hungry for you, Hot, Hungry, Handmedown love on my wrist. Use words witH EIYTCH. (Hot, Hungry, Handmedown love on my wrist.) Old paper, broken spine. One day you'll be mine. Hopeful, laugHing, Hating. He knows wHo I am. Makes sure tHey all Hate my guts, like...
  3. Madam Lyssa

    Fanfiction ► Flame (working title)

    Maybe So this is just a bunch of crap i made up, haha. so read and comment and love it, please, it needs love!!! first up is Zexion, with Larx. ^^ “I just wish you had a heart. That’s all I ever wanted, Zex.” I close my eyes in frustration, then open them and look at her. Alli, please. “I...