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    Your first time drunk.

    Soooo, like, lets post about ur first time drunk, honestly as I type this, this is my first time being drunk, in case u might ask, I do live in the USA, so no, I don't get to be lucky and have a drinking age limit of like 16, my parents are just cool enough to let me drink if I feel like it. I...
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    Sound or video driver update

    Today when I got home I tried to listen to music, and a message popped up saying I needed to update my sound or video drive for my speakers, otherwise I won't be able to use my speakers. well the type of speakers I have is a klipsch promedia 2.1 and the driver is 5.1.2535.0 I have spent a few...
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    Internet Explorer.

    Well awhile ago, my IE just stopped working, whenever I click it, right away I get an IE error no matter what. I was wondering if anyone has an idea why this does that, and does anyone have a copy of IE that will run on the first version of XP. the newest version that will run on first version...
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    Megaman Legends.

    Has anyone else played megaman legends 1 and 2 for the ps1 and loved it as much as I did? Capcom nowadays is just sticking to the megaman X series which it pretty boring, even though it is 3d most of it is still side scroll, does anyone else think they should make a number 3 for the ps2 or ps3...
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    Calendar Update.?

    Well Idk if alot of other people like to use the Calendar on the site to view/read and see whats up with certain dates, but I know I do. So I was just wondering I mean the year 2006 is over in about 2-3 months so I was just wondering if the calendar would be update to 2007.
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    Converting to mp4.

    I am seriously thinking about buying one of the new 80gb ipod videos, and one of the things for the videos is mp4, can someone explain in the simplest form they can on how to change files into mp4. Im not up on all this tech stuff.
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    Deleting Files.

    My brother has alot of music videos, he has exactly 15.4 gb worth of videos, I was wondering if I burned all the videos onto alot of discs, I could just put the cd back in and be able to play them¿¿ and if I was to delete this 15.4 gbs of video would that make my cpu faster? I still have 15.3...
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    Game Cards.

    Ok, well I don't know which is which, but can someone explain to me, the difference between types of cards for computers. Cause lately I have got some OLD games for my computer, and was wondering what would make the game better weather, its gameplay, graphics, or w/e can someone tell me what...
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    Action Replay Max.

    I've been hearing everyone talk about ARmax and I've been thinking about getting one before I heard everyone talking, but are they really that good, and can you easily update it like they make you think? And the Ar that comes with the software to download retro games, does the software...
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    Just 4 more hours.

    Well yesterday I called my gamestop and they are selling Kingdom Hearts 2 today, they open up in 4 hours, which is when I am going to get it. I will be skipping school today and tomorrow just to play it.
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    You want rep?

    I have one last rep I can spread around for today, first one to post that has no rep, asking for rep gets it.
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    After you get the game.

    After the game comes out in America, and you have beaten it, will you go into the spoiler threads and read what people have posted? I know I will.
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    New Scans!!!

    New Scans!!! Yellow Drive, first to post them. New scans. http://www.sorasdomain.net/
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    Under Mickey's Hood

    Well this goes back to were Nomura was saying whats more surprising is whats under Mickey's hood, ok its Sora's old clothes, does anyone else think that, thats not surprising or do you think it still might mean something different?
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    God, can someone help me.

    Can someone please give me a site that has n64 emulator games I can get, Im looking for Killer instinct gold and I've looked for about an hour and haven't found a thing.
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    Not new, but never made new member thread.

    Im not new to the forums, I've just never made a thread in this section when I was new, so I am going to right now, I know the rules, no spamming, cursing, exc... But if you want to talk, or are looking for a friend you can pm me.
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    Name of song?

    Can anybody give me the name of the song where he is like " Don't be all like you can't sit with me, everybody in the club getting tipsy."
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    Bhk Gang Theory.

    In the newest pic of BHK we see Seifer as a kid, remember how Seifer always picked on Zell as a kid, what if the blonde haired person with the BHK is Zell? Ok this is gonna be complex, so it probably isn't true but I want to tell you to get opinions, Seifer is a kid, well in pictures we see...
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    What if, wacky theory....

    What if since in steam boat willie there is another mickey so that would mean two mickeys, well in steam boat willie sora has his normal clothes, so what if sora fuses with steam boat mickey, and thats how he gets his new black clothes.
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    Make out with above poster thread.PG-13

    Kinda like the kiss or french kiss the above poster thread except you can do other stuff besides kiss.