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  2. xerayn


    Hello, I'm Xerayn and I am currently playing through Melody of Memory. I have a vague notion of the entire kh series, but I haven't played all of them so might get confused at times :) I am currently writting a kh fanfic and draw kh and my ocs. I can't wait to get to know people better!
  3. xerayn

    KHUX ► [Theory] New forms of Darkness

    Just a thought that I had, maybe the darkness that helped Maleficient made a deal with her to free the other darknesses? And that the black box is the key to do that? It would make sense that Maleficient was searching for the box in 3 then.
  4. xerayn

    Advice/Help ► KH Alternate universe school story recommendations

    I read this very funny fanfic on Wattpad with all of the Organisation if it helps (https://www.wattpad.com/story/2409433-kingdom-hearts-secret-mission-high-school is the link)
  5. xerayn

    Advice/Help ► Is this Fanfiction?

    So I'm currently writing a story that is in the universe of Kingdom Hearts. For the most of it, I just play around with my ocs, but might have Kairi coming in soon. I was wondering, is this story classed as a fanfiction, or just loosly connected to KH?