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  1. Ta-Chan

    Help/Support ► Last names

    So, I'm kinda not sure what to do here, My mom and my dad split up, I am living with my mom and she is changing her last name back to Bruins. She said I'd still have my dad's last name, but I don't know if I want to share a last name with him, but I don't want to use my mother's maiden name...
  2. Ta-Chan

    Hey, I'm newww

    If you thought I was new, U JUST GOT TROLLED TROLOLOLOL I'm back, not sure how long, but here I am. Love me <3
  3. Ta-Chan

    {Mature Audiences: Contains Yuri} ElleXAna: A Sweet Escape

    (Okay, well, not exactly Yuri YET, but it will) Umm... So... Not gonna lie, I finally read Shinra's supposed 'Yuri' and wasn't impressed. At all. So, I wanna out do him. With a REAL Yuri. With a REAL Storyline. Part one “You're never invited to any big sleepovers like this, Ana, Are you sure...
  4. Ta-Chan

    Aqua Drops

    BOUT TIME I MADE A SEXY TAG I made this for myself to complement the wonderful avatar Colours made me ^^ I want to maybe add more orange to the left side of the tag but, I like this one IMO.
  5. Ta-Chan

    The Rain People

    Note: This story if based off of personal experience Whether you believe it or not, It's still based off of my experiences in some ways. Treat this as fiction or not, it's still a story nonetheless. The Rain People Ryan: Beloved 'It's been nearly 3 months since she died...' He thought to...
  6. Ta-Chan

    oh mai gawd, dem little gurls

    CnC please
  7. Ta-Chan

    ~The Awesome Amazing Crazy Nami FC~

    This FC is for my wonderful friend VOCALOID2 (WHO NOW CHANGED THEIR USERNAME TO: Nami). You deserve this Awesome FC!!!! Fanclub for the honourable amazing: Nami Made by: Ta-Chan Loyal admirers: Key_of_Hearts Ricochet! Berry aqualight Crimson
  8. Ta-Chan


    I'm allergic to Chocobos...
  9. Ta-Chan

    Ta-Chan VS Healing Vision (Voting)

    Ta-Chan Healing Vision Vote or face erasure (Been playing way too many video games)
  10. Ta-Chan

    Challenge to Healing Vision

    Due August 22nd Theme Vector Rest is up to you We'll be doing a poll if it's ok with you
  11. Ta-Chan

    Lemme write a poem

    Don't have a peice of paper right now, and I don't mind it getting critiqued, so: Asking for permission to hurt someone, is Hurting myself even more One is a constant mystery Another, and open book 'I'm always happy' says one 'I'm always lonely without you' says another How do I know when they...
  12. Ta-Chan

    Be Right Back

    Going to a Family Reunion and then Animethon (an anime convention I've been waiting all year for) Leaving tommorow, be back August 10th Bye.
  13. Ta-Chan


    Okay, I got Photoshop CS3 so that I can finally download some real brushes Here all all the firsts that I've done with this sig: First sprite sig First sig made with CS3 And This is also my first CnC thread I'm mostly looking for advice and/or changes I can make to have it look better
  14. Ta-Chan

    Time of Darkness

    OOC thread is located here , If you wish to join please visit the OOC Here's the story for quick reference: The Netherworld. A place where demons live greedily without a care. Of course, such a free and greedy place would have a ruthless ruler... It has been 2 months since the Late King...
  15. Ta-Chan

    Time of Darkness (OOC/Sign ups) -Always joinable-

    Year of Darkness {A Disgaea Canon RP} (click the title to go to the thread) Note: You don't need to have played Disgaea (or all of it) to be in this RP, But it helps in understanding the concept -Story- The Netherworld. A place where demons live greedily without a care. Of course, such a free...
  16. Ta-Chan

    THE HUG CLUB! <3

    This is the fanclub for hugging!!!! ONLY RULE: NO VIOLENCE UNLESS IT IS BY HUGGING (EX: glomp tackle hugs) THIS RULE IS PUNISHABLE BY BEING PEPPERSPRAYED! So join and spread the love! Members: Ta-Chan aqualight Neku99 roxas001 Blufire Diamond_Dust121 Naryx15 sorakingsfangirl Jinjo Santuary...
  17. Ta-Chan

    Why must everything have lyrics?

    Whenever I show someone some instrumental music (I listen to lots of anime and video game soundtracks) they ask 'Does it have any words?' and when I tell them that it doesn't I feel like they don't like the song as much as they would have if there were. It made me wonder why do people always...
  18. Ta-Chan

    Help/Support ► How To Be A Parent

    So, My dad does nothing with me. When I try to talk to him he brushes me off, and today when I asked him to come to see the fireworks for Canada Day with me he said no and watched them from the backyard. He does this all the time and I'm finally tired of it. My mom has tried talking to him...
  19. Ta-Chan

    I challenge you, Darkness of White!

    LET'S DO THIS! Theme: Fullmetal Alchemist Size: nothing bigger than 500widex200tall (In pixels) Due Date: July 7th No premades, No Fanart Judges: roxas001 Nero DJQuackQuack We are not accepting anymore judges, those judges were chosen for a reason Entries: Ta-Chan: Darkness Of White:
  20. Ta-Chan

    Traded Heartless?

    So, I beat Riku/Ansem (finally!) did all that stuff, went back to traverse and was delighted to see my favourite Hollow Bastian heartless in Traverse Town. I do more cutscenes, hop on the gummi ship back to Hollow Bastian And I'm greeted with teams of half Hollow Bastian heartless, half...